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Project Leadership, Brazil - Carolyn Magalhaes


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Cally Magalhães and her two sons live in São Paulo where she runs The Eagle Project working with adolescents in youth prisons to break the vicious circle of crime and drug abuse. She and her team work with groups of adolescents who are preparing for their release through a programme of psychodrama therapy workshops based on Restorative Justice, individual counselling and family visits. Cally also works in the male and female adult prisons using psychodrama and teaching courses on Forgiveness and Reconciliation. The problem of crime in São Paulo is huge but The Eagle Project is seeing many young peoples lives being transformed and their families too. Cally depends on support to cover her living costs and to pay for the project and every penny you give makes a difference. “It is impossible for one person to change the world – but it is possible to change the world for one person” (source unknown). THANK YOU! Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Eagle-Project/170502183081714

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