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The Gate

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'Will you join me and other members of the Gate community, as well as other friends in giving. Your gift will enable us to rebuild our church, serve our local community, and train and equip Christians for mission and evangelism in the UK and internationally. Please prayerfully consider thr below'- Yinka Oyekan

Here are some examples of what your generous gift can make possible

- A generous one-off gift of £50 or £100 can help towards providing a new home in our church building for vital ministries like the Turning. 

- A monthly gift of £20 over a three-year period can contribute towards the provision of chairs and tables for meetings and worship services.

- A generous donation of £3,000 or more over a three-years period can help towards the fitting of one of the community rooms in the building.

- A significant contribution of £15,000 or more can make it possible the fitting doors and windows in the church hall and other rooms.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness. 

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