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Christmas Tank Appeal

Closing date: 09 December 2021



Raised out of £900 target


Including Gift Aid: £ 1759.18

Raised offline: £ 0



Living Water Myanmar is a small but effective charity. It was set up to provide clean drinking water to villages in the Dry Zone of central Myanmar.  The Dry Zone has no rain for 7 months of the year (i.e. mid-October to mid-May) and there is a severe lack of clean drinking water in this area.

To address this problem Living Water Myanmar funds the construction of large concrete water collection tanks to collect the rain during the monsoon season.  Guttering is attached to the school buildings to feed the rain water from the corrugated iron roof to the tank.  

Prior to getting a tank the villagers would typically be depending on a muddy pond or collecting water from a river for all their water needs which could be some distance from the village and also used by animals. The water would be transported by cart or carried in containers taking a lot of time and effort. 

As of November 2019, 303 tanks have been completed providing clean drinking water for many thousands of people.

Raising funds for

Sarah 05 January 2021

£100 + £25 Gift Aid
Charles 25 January 2020

Yes life changing for the people out there, we take that lovely clean drinkable water when we turn on the taps for granted Chas and Angie

£50 + £12.5 Gift Aid
Sara 31 December 2019

Hope this helps to provide some much needed help and water

£30 + £7.5 Gift Aid
Gemma 29 December 2019

Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing, hope this can help in some small way

£30 + £7.5 Gift Aid
Michael 28 December 2019

We are happy to support the life-changing work this charity is doing, Mick and Jenny

£900 + £225 Gift Aid
Anonymous 24 December 2019

This is a wonderful project and will make such a difference. I wish it every success.

£50 + £12.5 Gift Aid

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