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Supporting 24/7 Prayer

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Our Rapid Response Fund has provided international, student-led prayer movement 24/7 Prayer with a grant of £75,000 to continue their mission throughout COVID-19. They have since shared with us how this has impacted their organisation and describe their gratitude at being able to receive much-needed financial support during the current pandemic.

“Over the last 100 days, we have seen exponential growth in the demand for prayer tools and resources. We never could have envisaged at the beginning of this year that some of the materials we had created would be so vital for this unprecedented time. It feels now that God had been preparing us for this moment, and it has been incredible to see growth as people all over the world have turned to prayer during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Usually, around 1,200 24-7 Prayer Rooms are registered on our system each year. We believe this is a small proportion (around 10%) of the actual number of prayer rooms, as many do not register. However, in the first six months of 2020, we’ve seen the registration of 2,200 prayer rooms!

“Our app, Lectio 365, has grown from 30,000 downloads, to 100,000 in just three months. Our Prayer Course has quickly grown from 1.5 - 3 million interactions this year, and in May we ran our first ever online festival; Wildfires Online!

“It is often said that the only people who will give to prayer are Christians, and we have been so grateful for the people who have stepped into the gap at this really important time and supported this exponential growth.

“We honestly could not have achieved all of this without you getting involved and giving. At a time where people have been struggling and jobs have been changing, we have been busier than ever before. We have needed more funds, and also had to replace money lost due to COVID-19, but you have stepped in, heeded the call and invested in this beautiful kingdom moment, by giving to us. We are incredibly grateful.

“As we look to the future, we realise that this is not going to slow down. The Kingdom is moving, and the pace of connection and interest in God – and prayer - is increasing. We are so grateful for your ongoing support and this generous partnership.”

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Written by

Rosanna Jeffery

Rosanna is part of the Communications team at Stewardship and has loved the creative ways the team have engaged with to create innovative content and images for the new brand.

Previously Rosanna worked as a Digital Content Editor for a College of Higher Education, researching and writing content to promote the organisation. She enjoys the challenges of producing tailored content for different platforms and different audiences.

Rosanna lives in a house share in East London and is a member of Highway Vineyard Church in Stratford. For winding down she enjoys the arts, films, music, reading, cycling and food.

Rosanna supports causes that meet the needs of the underprivileged in the UK.