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Stewardship's Mortgage Services for Churches & Christian Charities

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To most people Stewardship is all about giving. After all, for most of our clients that’s how they know us. Our giving account is a large part of what we do and inspiring generosity is what makes us tick. At a quick glance it might seem that’s what we’re all about but look a bit further and you’ll see there’s more to us than meets the eye.

Church leaders, church planters, trustees, treasurers, finance teams, pioneers, missionaries, bible college students, fundraisers, project managers, office managers are just some of the long list of people who come to us for help or professional advice.

We cover everything from sermon notes to church plant support packages; trustees training or phone in help for treasurers plus a whole host of professional services to lift the burden off churches or charities struggling to cover all the bases themselves. If you’ve only ever taken a look at the ‘give’ pages of our website, why not take a quick tour of the other areas – you might surprise yourself.

It often comes as a surprise to many people that Stewardship not only makes grants to churches and charities but also has the capacity to lend money too – currently around £14million of funds is out there in the hands of clients helping them to buy, build or develop their building. We are responding to a growing trend—churches wanting to expand or improve their facilities or to have a physical presence where perhaps there was none before. Charities too are coming to us to assist them with projects and are looking for a lender who understands what they’re trying to do both in a practical sense and in terms of the wider vision – to build God’s Kingdom.

The good news is that Stewardship is uniquely placed to understand the specifics of each client’s needs and offer a competitive rate. In fact, we recently took the decision to drop the mortgage interest rate by 0.25% to the benefit of both the 100 or so existing clients and for newcomers looking for a loan which doesn’t break the bank. Interest rates now start at 3.75%. To read some of the testimonials given by clients who’ve used our mortgage service, visit mortgage pages or watch the video telling the story of C3 Church in Cambridge and how their vision was made concrete with a loan from Stewardship.

So if you are a church leader, project manager or treasurer wondering where to find a lender that understands your vision then get in touch. Or if you are reading this and wondering if your church could make use of our mortgage service now or in the future then why not pass on these details?

Contact the Lending team on 0208 502 8565 or [email protected] for more info.


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