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Your ministry expenses

Giving from Close Relatives

Your personal ministry expenses are requested in the Individual Recipient Account application form and form part of the target we recommend you raise. Your close relatives, and those of your spouse if you have one, can only give towards your personal ministry expenses. They cannot give towards your living costs.

- Who are close relatives

Close relatives are defined as children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, siblings, or the spouse of any of these. Aunts, Uncles and cousins are not defined as close relatives.

- Bible College Students

Close relatives are not able to support Bible College students. Therefore your ministry expenses will show as zero.


What if your ministry expenses change?

If your ministry expenses change from that which you stated on your account application form, please contact us at [email protected] for the relevant form to update them.


What qualifies as a ministry expense for this purpose?

Costs you incur to enable you to carry out your work, which are not reimbursed to you, may be classed as personal ministry expenses. We cannot include costs related to the organisation you are working for, or any other organisation. They can include: 

    • Travel – for example, flights to your country of work if overseas for you and your family. Travel for work purposes other than the normal getting to and from work.
    • Vehicle purchase and running costs for ministry purposes
    • Training for you for in the course of carrying out your role.
    • Equipment/materials e.g. a laptop for your ministry use.
    • Telephone for business use
    • Rental of premises for ministry use e.g. renting a room or hall for an event, or a percentage of home office costs
    • Book allowance relating to your work of up to £300 a year
    • Personal accountancy costs of up to £300 a year

What doesn’t qualify as a personal ministry expense for this purpose?

    • Medical insurance or travel insurance
    • Dependents education fees. However if you are based overseas, we can factor school fees into your target. To do this, please notify us of any school fees not noted in your application
    • Living costs e.g. rent for living, house bills, personal phone, food, clothing, car for personal use, holidays and travel for holidays etc. These are all included in your calculated target.