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COVID-19: Insurance Risk Management for Churches and Charities


If you were able to join us for our webinar on 21st May, then we hope that you found it really helpful as you look to plan for the future in uncertain times. The slides that were presented at the webinar can be found below.

We were joined by Barry Walker, Head of Insurance at Kingdom Bank, James Manning, Head of Underwriting at Avar Insurance and Chris Perkins, Head of Church and Charity Lending at Stewardship. The panellists helped to provide a better understanding of the requirements of insurance underwriters with regard to premises currently unoccupied during COVID-19 lockdown and any other risks that need to be managed currently.

The webinar was recorded and will be posted on this webpage shortly, along with a fact sheet addressing the questions we were unable to get to on the call.

Resources referenced during the webinar:

Slides from webinar
DSE from HSE form.pdf
Managing risks and risk assessment at work – HSE