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COVID-19: Update on the Job Retention Scheme (Furlough Scheme)


For the latest information on the Job Retention Scheme, please refer to our COVID-19: Guidance and resources for churches, charities and Christian workers - Stewardship, which is regularly updated for the latest changes.


Lunchtime Employment webinar with Mark Jones and Gemma Herrick of Edward Connor Solicitors


This webinar, recorded in June, discussed updates to the furlough scheme from July. The latter part of the recording contains information on what to do if you have no work for your staff to return to at the end of the furlough scheme, including alternatives to redundancy.




Links to information referred to in the webinar can be found below:


Stewardship COVID-19 webpage

Edward Connor Solicitors factsheet on redundancy

Edward Connor Solicitors Redundancy Pack

Government guidance on COVID-19 retention scheme

Government guidance on staff redundancy

ACAS guidance on redundancy 

ACAS guidance on responding to a flexible working request


*This webinar was recorded on 23rd June 2020. All the information and guidance shared was relevant to the challenges being faced during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please ensure you check this guidance is in line with current Government guidance. Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of this recording, Stewardship cannot be responsible for action taken or refrained from in reliance thereon. It is recommended that appropriate professional guidance be sought in each relevant individual circumstance.