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How do Direct Debits work?

A Direct Debit is a system of payment whereby you, as a giver, are able to authorise an organisation like Stewardship to withdraw a due amount, directly from your bank account. It might be helpful to think of a Direct Debit Instruction acting as a bridge between your bank and Stewardship. When you set up regular or one-off giving on your Stewardship account, we’re then able to withdraw the requested amount from your bank account, because of the bridge that’s in place. This is why you only need the one instruction in place, even if you are giving to multiple charities.

Unlike with a Standing Order, payment frequencies can vary, amounts can easily be changed, and there are comparatively lower administration costs. Because of the more rigid nature of a Standing Order, any changes would require you to cancel and restart multiple instructions at your bank, significantly increasing the time and cost of processing.

While in many cases a Standing Order may be appropriate, due the flexible nature of a Stewardship giving account and with many of our givers choosing to react on an ad-hoc basis to particular needs, the Direct Debit scheme offers much more control and flexibility.

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