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understanding our fees


Just like the churches, charities and full-time Christian workers we support, Stewardship is a not-for-profit too. It means you can use your Stewardship account in full confidence that we’re not profiting from your generosity.  


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1. What do you do for your fee?

2. How does Stewardship compare?

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1. What do you do for your fee?

We want to help churches, charities and full-time Christian workers raise as much support as possible, whilst making it easy and convenient for givers to give to the causes they care about. 

Our costs are always kept as low as possible. In the event that we do make a surplus, it is reinvested back into supporting our charitable activities.

Here's just some of the practical tools and support we offer:


Gift Aid

We add Gift Aid instantly to charity donations made using our giving accounts. It means that churches and charities can receive Gift Aid from us sooner than with any other provider, where a giver has requested it to be passed on. We are regularly audited by HMRC.


Online reports

We provide churches and charities will full access to information about their grant payments from us, to help them track and manage their financial support. A giver can also choose to give anonymously whenever they choose.



We invest heavily in security, to ensure we meet the highest standards. We securely process the support received by credit or debit card, Direct Debit, cheque and vouchers.


Training and resources

We offer free tools, training and resources to churches, charities and full-time Christian workers to help them better manage their financial support with confidence and integrity.




We create original campaigns, resources and content to help inspire people in their giving, such as our 40acts lent campaign and the Money Course.



Our customer service is one of the best. Whether you are a giver or a recipient, our specialist teams are on hand to provide support and guidance.




2. How does Stewardship compare?

Based on a £10 donation with Gift Aid applied, here's how we compare to other similar providers: 


    Charity receives   Standard fees applied   Additional membership fees charged to the charity   Number of charities signed up

Stewardship   £12.06   3.5% fee on gift + Gift Aid   £0   19,000*
CAF   £12.00   4% fee on gift + Gift Aid   £0   NA





1.9% card processing fee + 20p + 5% fee on  Gift Aid


£15 or £39 - monthly + VAT



Virgin Money Giving   £12.15   2% transaction fee + 2.5% card processing fee   £150 plus VAT - one-off   13,500
*We determine the eligibility and status of each recipient registered to receive funds, the vast majority of whom are churches, Christian charities and individuals in full time Christian ministry roles. Other general charities are also registered at the request of our account holders.



3. Fee checker

We make a deduction based on the value of a gift you make into your Stewardship account (plus Gift Aid where applicable). Here's an example of the fee that may apply to one-off gifts, where Gift Aid is applied: 


Stewardship Giving Account

Your gift

Gift Aid

Our fee (3.5%)

Charity receives










































Donor Advised Fund

Your gift

Gift Aid

Our fee (2%)

Charity receives














If you wish to make gifts of over £50,000 please contact our philanthropy services team to discuss the most appropriate giving solution for your needs.

Under Gift Aid, higher and additional rate taxpayers can claim back up to a further 31.25p for each pound donated, which can also be given to charity. 



Our vision

Since 1906 we've been helping the Christian community in the UK to give and to receive. From our early days, our mission has been for the world to encounter Jesus throughout the generosity of His church.


We are driven by our vision to transform generosity by:



Making Giving Easy

We are here to help over 33,500 individuals give around £69m each year, to the 19,000+ charitable causes registered with us.



Inspiring Greater Generosity

We want to inspire the UK and worldwide giving community too, through our wealth of resources, courses and campaigns for individuals and churches alike.


Strengthening Christian Causes

We offer practical, tailored support to help churches and Christian charities to transform the world.



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