Stewardship America - for US/UK Dual Taxpayer Donations

To make charitable gifts which are tax-effective in both the UK and USA we are pleased to announce that we are establishing Stewardship America in 2019.

If you file tax returns in both the UK and USA, Stewardship America will help you to make tax-effective charitable donations, helping you achieve more and have greater impact with your giving.

If you have tax liabilities both in the US and in the UK, this new dual-qualified donor advised fund will enable you to give with the benefit of tax reliefs in both countries.

  • Donations made to Stewardship America are tax effective in the UK and the USA.
  • Gifts to Stewardship America qualify for UK Gift Aid, where applicable, increasing the value of any gifts made by 25%.
  • Gifts to Stewardship America also qualify for a deduction from your US taxable income at your marginal rate.
  • Stewardship America Giving Accounts operate like our other Donor Advised Funds - you can distribute funds instantly, or build a balance and request donations to your favourite causes when it suits you.
  • "Pay as you Give" - No set-up fees to establish your account with us, and none of the ongoing accounting and legal costs associated with private foundations.

We anticipate being ready to receive gifts in time for the 2019 giving season.

Initially, Stewardship America will require a minimum gift of £50,000 to open a giving account, but we expect to reduce this threshold significantly as the charity becomes more established.

To pre-register your interest in Stewardship America,
please email [email protected]