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It's completely free to open a Stewardship Giving Account or Donor Advised Fund and we do not apply any monthly service charges.

For these accounts we make a deduction based on the value of any gift you make into your account (plus Gift Aid where applicable). 


Giving Account  

Donor Advised Fund

For those giving £25,000+ annually


Philanthropy Fund

For those wishing to establish a giving fund of £500,000+


3.5% for giving with Gift Aid 

3% for giving without Gift Aid (gross)


2% gift (+Gift Aid).


0.5% annual service charge on fund balances up to £2.5m.

For funds above £2.5m fees will be applied according to selected investment options.

Other charges for bespoke services are available on request.

  • We instantly claim Gift Aid (where applicable) on your donation, adding 25p to every £1 you give.
  • Support as many charitable causes as you wish using just one Direct Debit.
  • Choose to give with full anonymity.
  • Keep track of your giving by accessing your giving history and balance online.
  • Provides all the benefits of a charitable trust, but without the usual complications.
  • Grow the balance in your account with interest.
  • Additionally grow the balance in your account with a choice of standard investment options (additional fees apply).
  • Fund your account with our flexible and tax-effective options.
  • Annual fees are capped at £5,000 for incoming gifts of £250,000+ per year.
  • Our philanthropy services offer bespoke giving solutions, tailored to you, including personalised solutions for complex giving arrangements and additional investment options.
  • If you are interested in this service, please contact us on 020 8418 8896 or email us and we will be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.



International Fees

If you would like to request a donation overseas, an additional deduction of 1% will apply. This fee is applied at the point of payment to the recipient.

If an overseas charity is not yet registered with Stewardship, the following one-off set-up fee will also be deducted. We’ll validate the charity to ensure that they are eligible to receive funds.


Where is the charity registered?*   Set-up fee (including VAT)

Category A (country score 60+): e.g. USA, Australia, Belgium, Norway   £90
Category B (country score 30-59): e.g. Argentina, Bulgaria, India, South Africa   £120
Category C (country score 0-30): e.g. Iraq, North Korea, Venezuela, Zimbabwe   £180


*Categories are based on country scores allocated by the Corruption Perceptions Index.



Additional Fees

We may charge additional fees for bespoke philanthropy advice or where we incur additional costs for processing unusual or exceptional transactions. These may include:

  • For gifts to support overseas churches and charities not registered in the UK, additional fees may be applied if significant due diligence is required at a later date.
  • To receive gifts by cheque, or incoming gifts/transfers made from other Donor Advised Funds or similar providers, we apply a minimum fee of £5.

Where appropriate, fees are subject to VAT at the current applicable rate.

Fees may be reviewed from time to time and are subject to change, but only after prior notice has been given. 



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