payroll giving

Payroll Giving is a scheme which allows you to donate to any charitable organisation, recognised by HMRC, directly from your pay. Payroll Giving is tax-efficient because the donation is taken from your pay before it is taxed.

Please note - at the moment we are not enrolling any more Companies/employers to our Payroll Giving Scheme.

  • If you are an employee and your employer is already registered with us you can contact your payroll department to set up your Payroll Giving arrangements with us.
  • If your employer is not registered with us, you might instead wish to open a Giving Account with us and join over 30,000 people who use us to manage all of their charitable giving.

You can visit the HMRC website to find alternative Payroll Giving providers.


how it works

Payroll giving is simple and efficient. Find out how it works...

1.    You authorise your employer to deduct regular charitable donations from your pay before tax.

2.    If you are a Basic Rate tax payer and would like to make a £10 gift to charity, you will only ‘pay’ £8 of the total gift. For Higher Rate and additional rate tax payers this figure is even less.

3.    You can keep track of your giving with regular statements and amend your choice of charities and the amount that you choose to give at any time. You can also log in to your account online to manage donations to your chosen charities.

4.    You can choose to manage all of your giving anonymously. We will keep your choice of charities confidential from your employer if you wish, and you can even remain anonymous from the charities you are giving to, should you choose.

the figures

Take a look at the figures...

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