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Stewardship's Donor Advised Fund, known as the gold account, is the foremost, Christian, tax-effective giving solution in the UK.

For Christians wanting the benefits of a charitable trust without the usual complications.

You may be a higher rate tax payer looking for tax-effective ways to give to charity, be considering alternatives to a charitable trust, or perhaps you have a single, large amount that you wish to donate.

Our gold account service, part of the largest Christian Donor Advised Fund in the UK, is the single place for all your tax-effective giving with no need for trustees or annual returns, low admin fees and no legal costs to set up.


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how it works

A gold account works in a similar way to a bank account...

A gold account works in a similar way to a bank account. You make gifts into your gold account and whenever you want to support a charitable cause, simply request a donation from your account.

You can open your account with a single lump sum of £10,000 or more, and then add further amounts as you wish. Credit your account using credit or debit card, Direct Debit cheque or bank transfer. You can also make gifts of shares or investments into your gold account.


why use a gold account?

Discover the wealth of benefits and features of a Stewardship gold account...

giving with Stewardship is simple      


A gold account provides one place for all your tax-effective giving for churches, secular or Christian causes, plus individuals in or studying for full time Christian ministry.

giving with Stewardship is flexible      


You can choose to organise your regular charitable giving or request one-off donations with your gold account. Log in to your account at any time to request donations, credit your account and search our 19,000+ registered churches, charities and full-time Christian workers.

giving with Stewardship is convenient      


You can keep track of your giving by accessing your balance and giving history online.

you can give anonymously with Stewardship      


You can request donations without your name on them, if you choose.

giving with Stewardship is tax-effective      

Tax effective

Increase your giving by 25%. For UK taxpayers, we will automatically claim Gift Aid on your donation, adding 25p to every £1 you give. For higher rate or additional rate tax payers, further tax relief equal to the difference between the higher, or additional rate, and the basic rate, can be reclaimed on your own tax return.

giving with Stewardship provides for growth through investment      

Growth through investment

As a client of our gold service, your account will benefit from growth either with interest, or through a choice of additional investment options. For further information, please refer to our gold account brochure.


what are the benefits?

  • Flexible funding options (Direct Debit, Debit or Credit Card, Bank transfer, Shares and more).
  • Grow the balance in your account with 'interest'.


  • Flexible funding options (Direct Debit, Debit or Credit Card, Bank transfer, Shares and more).
  • Grow the balance in your account with 'interest'.
  • Additionally, grow the balance with one of Stewardship's investment options.
  • Be anonymous, should you wish, when requesting donations from your account.
  • Appoint a successor to continue requesting donations beyond your lifetime.
  • Simple set up process – open an account in a few days with just one application form and a minimum gift of £10,000


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