The new-look Stewardship Giving Account

Early Adopter Programme


Thank you for your interest in our Early Adopter Programme (EAP).

We are currently trialling our new-look Stewardship Giving Account and are inviting selected account holders to have early access to the updated account. Participants in the Early Adopter Programme will play a significant role in development of the final version before it is released.

How does it work?

  1. Apply to the programme by emailing us.
  2. Receive approval for participation.
  3. Be one of the first with access to the new-look Stewardship Giving Account.
  4. Offer feedback and suggestions via online surveys.
  5. Access to regular updates on the new-look Stewardship Giving Account as it's developed.


What are the requirements?

You must be an active online user of a Stewardship Giving Account to take part in the Early Adopter Programme. There are limited spaces available, and we're looking for a specific range of account holder types so not all who apply will receive access to the programme.


Apply to join our Early Adopter Programme