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18-25 giving account


An online giving account to manage your giving with added perks. Support your church, friends in Christian ministry and the charitable causes you care about, all in one place.


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What are the benefits?


An extra £10 each month

We'll match up to £10 each month, for the first year.



Easy to set up and manage online. Change your giving as often as you like.



Choose from 19,000+ registered churches, secular and Christian charities and full-time Christian workers supported with Stewardship.



Support your friends studying in Bible College or working in Christian ministry.


Plus, if you're eligible we'll automatically claim Gift Aid on your donation, adding 25p to every £1 you give.



Who is it for?

Exclusively for 18-25 year olds, based in the UK.



 What does it cost?

The 18-25s account is fee free for the first two years; we won't keep back anything for admin.



Your comments:

"When presented with the opportunity to create an account with you – and the opportunity to give an extra £120 to charity, I took it!’s my belief that we should give away some of the money we have to people who are more need than ourselves. The Stewardship account allows me to do that, and to do it easily."

Andrew Galpin


"We liked the idea of our regular giving being topped up by Stewardship for the year and also getting the Gift Aid on top of it!"

Will and Pip Campbell-Clause