Generosity Report 2024

Exploring Christian Giving in the UK


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Welcome to the inaugural Stewardship Generosity Report


We commissioned Whitestone Insight to conduct this new research, which aims to provide rigorous, objective data on the UK Christian giving landscape.

It also examines the gap between current and potential levels of generosity and points to how that gap might be closed by sharing insights into the factors driving and hindering generosity.

Designed to support Stewardship's partners - churches, charities and Christian workers - in inviting generosity and growing support, the report includes:


  • Quantitative and qualitative data
  • Case studies
  • Recommendations for partners and donors
  • Helpful resources


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Key findings


  • Regular church attendance more than doubles propensity to give
  • Personal appeals are more effective at inspiring spontaneous charitable giving
  • Key drivers for giving are seeing the difference donations make and trusting the causes receiving them
  • Those who discuss their giving tend to give more



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Stewardship enjoys a unique position in the Christian charity sector, serving both donors and the causes they support. While we are privileged to witness incredible levels of joyful generosity in our own work, we could see there was a gap between current and potential levels of generosity in the UK. This research was designed to help us measure this gap and to check our understanding of what is both driving and hindering generosity."

Janie Oliver
CEO, Stewardship

Who we surveyed


4,056 UK Christian adults were surveyed online from 9-16 November 2023.

The data was weighted to be representative of religious identification data from the 2021 Censuses in England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

For the qualitative stage we conducted 15 in-depth interviews via video call with Practising Christians across a variety of ages, regions, ethnicities and denominations in the UK. These were separate from those surveyed and taken from a pool of 140 applications to the project.


A massive well done to Stewardship for commissioning this innovative and informative research report that I’m sure will influence, inform and shape Christian giving, increasing its impact for the Gospel for many years to come.

Rev. Wendy Pawsey
Head of Giving, Evangelical Alliance



I warmly endorse this initiative from Stewardship. It’s fascinating to read their Generosity Report and to see how Christian giving is truly transforming the impact of Kingdom initiatives across the UK.

Debra Green OBE DL
Executive Director, Redeeming our Communities

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