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  • Does support-raising feel like hard work or something you have to do?
  • Do you struggle with the idea of asking or receiving from others?
  • Does saving for the future seem out of the question?
  • Do you often feel like you don't have enough?
  • Do you feel uncertain around tax issues?

If you said 'yes' to any of the above, you're not alone and this training is for you!


Stewardship's training for Christian workers is designed to prepare, inform, equip and encourage you in mission.

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upcoming training dates

If you already know which kind of training you need, you can book directly below. If not, contact Fiona on [email protected] or phone 0208 502 8585.


Step 1 Finance for Ministry  Dates to follow shortly book now
Step 2 Support-Raising for Ministry  Dates to follow shortly book now


 Our Toolkit for Ministry Training days have helped hundreds of people to grow and flourish in their ministry.

Watch these videos to see what our delegates say. 


Whether you are new to support-raising or have been doing it for years, our two-day training programme will give you a new perspective on support-raising as well as practical insights, leaving you enthused and better equipped to raise the support you need to do what you do.

“In all honesty, I was dragging my feet going and kicking my heels leaving. I don’t like conferences, training sessions, seminars, etc. as they always feel a distraction and a detraction from my primary calling, but this one was golden.” Neil Richardson, Church Community Worker

"The training was Biblically-based, interactive and fun and I left feeling better equipped to engage potential Gospel partners."  Simon Lissak, Chosen People Ministries (UK)


the nitty gritty details

What will I learn?

Raising support for Christian mission can feel like hard work. We’ve created three key steps to ensure that you are fully equipped to raise and maintain a strong support base and handle the financial aspects of your ministry with integrity.

The first two steps are one-day events, designed to help you understand the processes but also discover that support-raising is much more than a financial transaction. The third step is about equipping you with extra tools specific to your needs. Find out more about them:

Step 1 > Finance for Ministry: essential tools for Christian Workers

Find out more about the first step in Stewardship's training programme.

A strong support base needs a solid grounding - both in the biblical principles that underpin it and the financial good practice that gives it integrity. This training will give you an overview of the key areas: accountability, responsibilities in terms of tax and National Insurance, budgeting and long-term saving and touch on some of the practicalities of support-raising. Watch the video above for a helpful summary.

Step 2 > Support-Raising for Ministry: Funding the Family Business

Find out more about the second part in Stewardship's training programme.

This training, run in co-operation with Funding the Family Business, takes a closer look at the practicalities of support-raising while setting it within the context of the rich, biblical model and tackling some of the 'heart problems' that can inhibit ministries from reaching their full potential. Using the Funding the Family Business workbook as its basis, the training picks out the key steps towards building and maintaining a strong support base.

Step 3 > Add-on tools

Find out more about the final step in Stewardship's training programme.

Each ministry has its own unique challenges and each individual's requirements will be different. Stewardship is building a library of information on issues specific to Christian Workers - our Finance for Living series. There is a budgeting tool for Christian Workers to help you construct a budget that makes the most of the ministry God has called you to - email [email protected] to find out how to get hold of a copy.

What's the cost?

Step 1 is free to those with individual recipient accounts (you just need to get yourself there) and Step 2 is heavily discounted - with a further reduction to those who complete Step 1. We want to make it as affordable as possible to equip yourself so do get in touch with us: [email protected]

Before you do anything else...

Make sure you’ve registered as a recipient with us. There are training discounts and freebies available for registered Stewardship recipients, so it’s worth doing (and registering to receive funds is also free!). Need to ask a question about this? Contact us at [email protected]






100% of all delegates rated our Christian worker training as good or excellent.
(source: Stewardship Christian worker training events 2014-2017)