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What is a cookie?

Cookies are tiny pieces of data that get stored in your web browser when you visit one of the Stewardship websites. There are a number of uses for cookies, so we’ve created this handy guide to the ones that we use - along with information about how to disable them if you wish. Further information about cookies can also be found here: www.aboutcookies.org

In a nutshell:

There are some cookies that are strictly necessary in order for you to use certain parts of our website, i.e. to log in to your online Stewardship account. We also use performance cookies which aren’t necessary, but are very helpful in letting us know which bits of our website are doing well (and which bits aren’t!). Finally, because our website allows you to share articles on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, there are also third-party social cookies on our website.


Our cookies in detail:

This section relates to the cookies you may encounter across the following Stewardship websites:











The list below describes the cookies we use on this site and what we use them for. Currently we operate an ‘implied consent’ policy which means that we assume you are happy with this usage. If you are not happy, then you should delete the cookies having visited the site or you should browse the site using your browser’s anonymous usage setting (called “Incognito” in Chrome, “InPrivate” for Internet Explorer, "Private Browsing" in Firefox and Safari etc.). You can also visit the individual links below, to explore further opt-out options.


Cookie supplier

Purpose More info
Flickr (Yahoo!) These cookies are set on pages with the Flickr widget. They can be attributed to both Flickr and Yahoo! (who own Flickr). The BX and B cookies are set for all users, the remaining cookies are set if you are logged into your Flickr account. Yahoo! may use collected information to serve you ads based on your web-surfing activity and interests.

Yahoo! cookie information:



Opt-out of interest-based advertising:



These are a variety of cookies from Google, that either help to generate maps from Google Maps, or are activated when you use social functions like Google +1. We also use Google Analytics to track your anonymous behaviour across our website, so that we can enhance our services.

Google privacy information:

You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking by installing a browser plug-in from http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en

Quantserve (Issuu)

Unique numbers that identify your browser and interaction history are stored within this cookie when you read Share magazine online. This cookie expires in 5 years after your last visit to a page that contains an Issuu document. Issuu set a number of cookies on any page that includes a Issuu comment box. While we have no control over the cookies set by Issuu, they appear to include a mixture of pieces of information to measure the number and behaviour of Issuu users, including information that links your visits to our website with your Facebook or Issuu account if you are signed in to one. This cookie does not identify you personally unless you are logged into Issuu, in which case it is linked to your Issuu and/or Facebook account. The mc cookie set by quantserve appears to be related to advertising, and may track your behaviour on our website.

You can opt out of quantcast tracking here: http://info.evidon.com/companies/quantcast?ecaid=0&n=7420

Twitter These cookies are set by the Twitter plugin on our websites. The majority of Twitter cookies are set if you are logged into your Twitter account. Twitter use collected information for analytical purposes and to tailor content based on your interests, for example they will suggest who you should follow on Twitter. Tailored content is stored with only the browser cookie ID and is separated from other Twitter widget data such as page-visit information. After a maximum of 10 days, Twitter start the process of deleting or aggregating Widget Data, which is usually instantaneous but in some cases may take up to a week

Twitter privacy policy:



Content personalisation information and opt-out:



If you have a Facebook account, these cookies will allow you to share content on the Stewardship sites with your Facebook contacts. You will be also able to tell if you or your Facebook friends 'Liked' any content on the Stewardship site in the past. Some of these cookies help to identify any suspicious log in activity, or remember your ‘keep me logged in’ preferences. The cookies will also send some non personal data to Facebook to gather aggregate information on how people interact with websites that use the Like button.

Find out more at:



AddThis is a social plugin that allows you to easily share content from our websites on your social networks. These cookies are used for recording user-specified sharing preferences, optimizing sharing settings for the user and recording other preferences.

You can opt out of AddThis tracking cookies here: http://www.addthis.com/privacy/opt-out#.UDJUa1LYF70


We use YouTube to embed videos across our websites. YouTube uses cookies to help maintain the integrity of video statistics, prevent fraud and to improve their site experience. If you view a video, YouTube may set cookies on your computer once you click on the video player.

YouTube cookies are managed by Google. Find out more and opt out here:



We use a session cookie to remember your log-in details and what you’ve put in the shopping basket, if you visit our online store. These cookies are strictly necessary to the working of the website. If these are disabled then various functionality on the site will be broken.



Disabling cookies

You can choose to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser setting to decline cookies if you prefer. This may prevent you from taking full advantage of the website.

All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. The following links provide details on how to do this in a range of popular web browsers

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

(Link to: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/196955)

Cookie settings in Firefox

(Link to: http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/Cookies)

Cookie settings in Chrome

(Link to: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=95647)

Cookie settings in Safari

(Link to: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5042)