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Charity Formation Fees

What do we do with your fees?

Just like the churches and charities we support, Stewardship is a not-for-profit too. 

So when the administrative costs of services are covered, any surplus is reinvested into supporting charitable activities such as training, events and resources.


  • Total fixed fees are shown in the table
  • Initial payment to Stewardship of £300 to start the process
  • Balance of fixed fee payable to solicitor prior to your application being submitted to the Commission
  • Areas where additional solicitor's fees may be incurred clearly outlined before the start of the process

If you have any questions, please contact the team. 

Fees from 1st May 2024:

Type of formation CIO          Charitable Company Limited By Guarantee
Register a new charity £1,416           £1,800
Register a new church £1,416           £1,800
Register an established church £1,662           £2,040
Transferring from a trust  £1,662           £2,040
Registering an existing company  N/A           Fees start at £1,800


Extra charges

We appreciate, and are sensitive to the fact that extra costs can be difficult to meet. However, in unusual or complicated cases an extra charge may need to be made. Extra charges can arise in the following types of circumstances:


  • Where meetings are required. We have assisted in the formation and registration of thousands of charities and it is only the exceptional case that requires meetings to achieve this. In nearly all instances telephone discussions are fully satisfactory.
  • Addressing complex issues arising from the detailed review of an existing charity’s documents.
  • Where there is uncertainty over the trustees of the existing charity. If it is not clear who are the correct legal trustees this will need to be resolved as they will need to ‘sign off’ any changes.
  • Assisting in transferring property (and other assets and liabilities) from one charity to another. This will occur when you create a new charity rather than amend the existing governing documents. If you require this service, Anthony Collins will provide an estimate based on the nature of the assets being transferred.
  • Extensive re-drafting of the proposed governing document where there is a change from what the initial information indicated was required or where there are preferred styles of wording which do not materially affect the legal stance.
  • Unusually complex governance structures (e.g. weighted voting at membership level, unusual appointment of directors/trustees, three-tier governance).
  • Handling extensive enquiries raised by the Charity Commission.
  • Advice or amendments to documents after successfully completing the charity formation.

In situations where any extra charge becomes likely, our approach is to discuss it with you to explain the issues, available alternatives and to give an estimate of the likely additional cost. Charges are not made without prior discussion of this nature.

If you are transferring the work of an existing organisation into a newly registered charity, you may require some additional legal work to be done. This is not covered by the charity formation package and if you would like some information on possible legal work and estimated costs, please get in touch and we will provide you with further information.

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