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Prayer and Worship

Prayer and worship are fundamental ways that we connect with our heavenly Father.

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Why Prayer and Worship?

This cause is about how we engage with God.

Supporting Prayer and Worship helps Christians to deepen our relationship with him as well as funding events that draw others to him. We offer our thanks, ask for forgiveness, present our requests to him and affect the world with genuine change. Charities working in this area help Christians to learn how to deepen and expand their prayer lives and worship together in new and diverse contexts. Prayer and worship events also invite those who don’t know God to see how they might relate to him in a different way.

Why Worship is my Cause

Reuben Williams, worship leader at Gas Street Church in Birmingham, speaks about why Prayer and Worship is so important to him and how the charity Worship Central helped nurture him as a young leader.


Charity number 1168891


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