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Transactions and Tax Returns: Everything You Need to Know

Emily Kendall Emily Kendall
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We want to make sure you’re informed on the best way to track your giving over the year ahead. 

Whether you use your Giving Account to support your church, your friend in Christian ministry, your local foodbank or all of the above, our aim is to help you give in the most effective way, whilst allowing you to easily keep tabs on what you’ve given and when.  
Head to the View transactions tab on your online account to explore and export your giving: 

  • View giving in the past tax year, calendar year, or even just the last weeks and months by adjusting the dates on the calendar feature. 
  • Filter by ‘regular’ or ‘one-off’ transactions, to keep track of your regular giving, as well as any spontaneous gifts for particular causes or appeals. 
  • Export your giving into a csv file using the download button to build your own reports and charts.

How to get the information you need for your self-assessment tax return

If you’re someone that fills in a self-assessment tax return each year, simply click on the Gift Aid tab to see the exact figure you’ll need to include on your form. This will be automatically calculated on any giving arranged with Stewardship, so no more rifling through bank statements to make sure everything’s correct!

What about paper statements? 

'Creation Care' is one of our key causes, and as an organisation we’ve been reflecting on what that looks like for us. One way we can care for our planet is by cutting down what we print and send by post and this is why we’re encouraging the use of the online transaction view to track your generosity. 

If you’re not set up to use your account online, we'll continue to send you an annual paper statement at the end of each tax year. If you'd like to request that we post you a statement at any other time, please get in touch with us.

Don’t have a Giving Account but think you could benefit? Why not contact us to find out more. We’d love to have a chat and figure out how we could help you better support the causes you love. 

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Written by

Emily Kendall

Emily helps to lead the Giving Services team and loves creating an ‘above and beyond’ customer experience. She enjoys helping the team use their unique gifts in the day-to-day work of serving our generous donor base. Emily’s degree in Psychology and her previous roles focussed on customer service, communications, and Christian mission. They stand her in good stead to understand Stewardship's clients and equip them in their giving.

Emily lives in South London and is a serving member of St Nick’s Church. It’s conveniently located in the heart of the City of London, enabling gospel-centred ministry to hundreds and thousands of city workers from all nations and tongues. It’s an exciting place to be and she is passionate about bringing hope to the hopeless, as people come to know Jesus for themselves. In her spare time, Emily loves exploring new places, catching up with friends or family over dinner, and making the most of being close to the West End!

Emily is particularly passionate about the local church.’ We are called to meet together and encourage one another to keep going as Christians, and I have also personally benefited from being part of a real church family who care for one another.' She believes that we should intentionally share the gospel both here in our local communities and throughout all nations, that everyone should have access to a Bible.

Justice is another cause close to Emily’s heart, and while we’ll never see true justice on earth, we know that God is a just God who will right all wrongs. There are several charities that focus on victims of trafficking, abuse, poverty and persecution that inspire Emily to give, pray and support.