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Stewardship Generosity Report 2024: Helpful resources

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The findings from the Stewardship Generosity Report 2024 confirm there is currently a gap between what UK Christians currently give and what they could give.

The more engaged Christians are with their faith and the causes they support – especially when those causes build trust with regular, transparent communication that helps their donors understand the tangible impact of their support - the more the gap closes.

In partnership together, we need to nurture and normalise a stronger culture of generosity culture based on transparent communication. One that builds trust by supporting and evidencing faithful stewardship of resources; one that makes talking about giving an everyday reality; and one that, above all gets people excited about the very real difference they can make to their chosen causes. We've compiled a list of helpful resources to get you started.


Helpful resources:

For charities and churches

The Stewardship Partner Account for Churches and Charities can help you to invite generosity and increase your support base, so that you feel equipped and encouraged to grow your vision and further your missional impact.

Explore our training and events opportunities, which include our Lunchtime Dial-In sessions for anyone involved in the financial stewardship of a church or charity. The free Financial health check tool enables church and charity leaders to work through all the key functional areas, diagnosing and suggesting actions for improvement as needed.

We also offer a range of professional services for churches and charities specifically designed to support churches and Christian charities in raising their standards of attitude towards money, accountability and administration. Read more about our thinking on this area in our blog on raising the standard in the list below.

Explore our library of online resources on all aspects of biblical generosity. We’ve shared a starter list below:

We also recommend this free resource:

Foundation Truths on Money and Possessions

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For Christian workers

Sign up for The Stewardship Partner Account for Individuals which will help you organise, receive and increase your financial support.

If you support raise with us, register for our Support Raising Training and subsequent Support Raising Surgeries, which will help you see support raising as an opportunity to partner with your supporters in the Gospel, rather than as just a financial transaction.

Read ‘Personal Support Matters’, which reflects recent trends and the latest best practice in support raising. Published by Stewardship in January 2024, this revised edition of Myles Wilson’s ‘Funding the Family Business’ is co-written with Claire Niclasen.

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For donors

The Stewardship Giving Account can help you discover the joy of active generosity. It is trusted by over 30,000 Christians who give to the causes they love with Stewardship.

For donors giving more than £25,000 a year, we offer the Donor Advised Fund account, and for those wanting to establish a fund of £500,000 or more, we offer the Philanthropy Fund account.

Explore our CauseFinder™ database to discover a range of charities working in the areas that you care about most. All causes listed with us have been
checked and verified by us.

On our website we have a range of blogs and stories that offer inspiration on biblical stewardship, generosity and giving. Some of our most popular blogs focus on topics such as ‘I’m using foodbanks – should I stop tithing?’ or ‘Should you give to charity if you’re on benefits?’. We also have some deeply encouraging personal stories of giving and also of the impact that has been made.

Stewardship’s Giving Reflections helps you create time and space to explore what generosity means to you and how you would like to shape your giving journey. We also have a wide collection of devotional guides and practical resources to help you think more deeply about what it means to be generous and prioritise your giving including:

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Lyndall McCarthy

Lyn loves working in a team that has a common vision towards transformational change in Jesus’ name. Shaping a joyful customer experience to achieve this is what drives her.

Previously Lyn worked for Habitat for Humanity South Africa as a Communications Specialist. Working for a humanitarian organisation opened her eyes to the sense that we’re part of a greater global community – and that we each have a role to play towards building its’ strength, stability and self-reliance.

Having immigrated to the UK from South Africa, Lyn and her husband and two young children are enjoying exploring the local countryside and hedgehog-spotting!