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This lie can keep you from living generously (and three other inspirational videos about generosity)

Matt Holderness Portrait Matt Holderness
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Inspiration comes from lots of places, and sometimes from the most unexpected sources. In the present digital age it is often video that moves us the deepest and can be the creative spark for positive change. 

With that in mind here are four thought-provoking videos that have challenged some of the team here at Stewardship to live more generously. Our prayer is that they have a similar impact on you.

This lie can keep you from living generously

For me this is a great reminder of biblical generosity and abundance, and how we need to shift our mindset from one of scarcity and hoarding to one of plentiful provision. 

The Bible Project have a wonderful way of explaining deep and complex ideas through video, and this one is brilliant. It explores God’s plan for overcoming selfishness and how we can put it into practice – deeply theological but also really practical.

rajan bigiarban

Rajan Bagiarban
Customer Services Team Manager


I like car

I love this video because it is a simple example of how transforming a radical act of generosity can be. I find myself close to tears every time I watch it! 

I love that the givers are challenged to not just give something that is 'good enough', but go above and beyond to give their best. That's the kind of generosity Jesus exemplified, and what he calls us to as Christ followers. 

This story shows how generosity is contagious - the receiver was generous, which inspired the givers to be generous, which inspired the car dealership owner to be generous - generosity begets generosity. 

megan wilcock

Megan Wilcock
Relationship Manager - Next Gen


The Gospel, Grace and Giving

As well as Tim Keller so excellently weaving together the Gospel, Grace and Giving, I am always struck at his candidness (around 8 minutes in) at how tempting and easy it can be to spend money. It’s a really profound warning and teaching point that I've carried with me ever since.

daniel jones

Daniel Jones
Chief Purpose Officer


The Skinny on Tithing

I love all the videos above but sometimes a bit of humour can be an alternative way into a very serious topic. This video from the Skit Guys takes a look at the ‘What type of giver are you?’ question. They use some extreme stereotypes but also deliver a good dose of reality, and maybe a bit of uncomfortableness too! 

matt holderness

Matt Holderness
Marketing Manager

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Matt Holderness

Matt joined Stewardship in 2022 with over twenty years of marketing experience from roles at Kendal College and Capernwray Bible School. He has degrees in Business and Marketing, Theology, Management and most recently a Masters in Hermeneutics. 

Through raising awareness of Stewardship’s services, Matt helps people explore the impact their generosity can have on the church and Christian charities. He’s passionate about supporting Evangelism and Bible causes, and has a particular interest in charities that are helping people in Poverty and Debt in the UK.