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COVID-19: Webinar - Looking ahead to the longer-term issues

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If you were able to join us for our webinar on 16th April, then we hope that you found it really helpful as you look to plan for the future in uncertain times. The slides from Jeremy’s presentation can be found here and if you wish to listen to the recording, then you can view the video below.*

The Q&A session was not recorded, but several key issues were identified and we will look to include further guidance soon. We will shortly be adding content on Hardship Funds and Restricted Fund use, so do revisit next week for links to those papers.

* This webinar was recorded on 16th April 2020. All the information and advice shared was relevant to the challenges being faced during the Covid-19 outbreak. Please ensure you check this advice is in line with current government advice.

Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of this recording, Stewardship cannot be responsible for action taken or refrained from in reliance thereon. It is recommended that appropriate professional advice be sought in each relevant individual circumstance.

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Written by

Jackie Fletcher

Jackie and her team help churches and charities navigate the minefield of regulations and requirements that affect them. Before joining Stewardship, she was a primary school teacher as well as having involvement in charity administration, finance and governance for a number of different charities. Those experiences helped her take complex and broad ideas and make them accessible.

Jackie is passionate about Justice and Local Church, with a particular focus on helping the homeless and victims of domestic violence and trafficking.