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COVID-19: Next Steps for Mortgage Management

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If you were able to join us for our webinar 'COVID-19: Next Steps for Mortgage Management' on Thursday 4th June, we hope that you found it useful as you look to plan for the future during these uncertain times. The slides that were presented at the webinar, along with resources referenced, can be found below.

We were joined by Chris Sheldon, Chief Executive Officer at Kingdom Bank, Kevin Russell, Technical and Advocacy Director and Chris Perkins, Head of Church and Charity lending at Stewardship. They helped to provide a better understanding of the challenges of managing a church or charity mortgage or loan in light of COVID-19 and lockdown, and explain the opportunities and repercussions of payment holidays, cash flow loans, and how to engage with lenders if you're worried about missing payments or defaulting.

Resources referenced during the webinar:

Download Slides from the webinar

COVID-19 resources for churches, charities and Christian workers

Kingdom Bank Mortgage Web Page

Stewardship Mortgages Web Page

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* This webinar was recorded on 4th June 2020. All the information and advice shared was relevant to the challenges being faced during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please ensure you check this advice is in line with current government advice.

Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of this recording, Stewardship cannot be responsible for action taken or refrained from in reliance thereon. It is recommended that appropriate professional advice be sought in each relevant individual circumstance


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Written by

Chris Perkins

Chris and his team work with churches and Christian charities across the United Kingdom, helping them bring their dream building projects to completion. Chris’s 17 years at Barclays – 10 years as a Business Manager – have taught him a great deal about the risks and rewards of lending to commercial enterprises, including churches.

Chris lives in Bury St Edmunds with his wife Su and their three children.  The family worship at a local church in the town centre.

Chris supports international causes which encourage worldwide prayer and distributing the Bible to far-flung places.