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Caring for Creation in 2021

person Jennifer Plummer
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How can we love God and all of his creation in 2021? With more of us waking up to the importance and urgency of addressing the accelerating climate change and biodiversity crisis, we’ve summed up some meaningful actions we can take as individuals and together as churches in relation to climate change and ahead of the COP26 UN Conference in the UK in November this year.


Connect with others

Utilise tools and resources already available and connect with likeminded people. Below are some helpful starting points:

Join the Young Christian Climate Network (YCCN) - The YCCN are an action-focused community of young Christians in the UK aged 18-30, choosing to follow Jesus in the pursuit of climate justice. Promoting collective action, the community welcomes, and needs, young Christians from all backgrounds. You can find out more about joining YCCN here.

Get to Glasgow - Over 100 families have joined forces to create a shared environmental pilgrimage called Get to Glasgow - a 10 month journey in 2021 that finishes in time for the COP26 Climate Talks. They are raising money for A Rocha UK on the way and clarified, "We are not actually walking to Scotland, but journeying the equivalent distance from our homes to Glasgow.” Create your own unique pilgrimage and join them here.

Join Wild Christian - A Rocha UK’s scheme for families and individuals is for everyone and all denominations wanting to take practical action for nature. The free monthly email includes a bible reflection, a nature-related learning blog and actions to help you enjoy, nurture and defend nature. Sign up to receive this email and join the community here.

Pray and Fast for the Climate - A growing global movement of Christians praying and fasting on the first of each month for climate justice. Join here.


Commit to a new project with your church family

This year especially is a crucial opportunity for churches to explore God’s heart for his earth and demonstrate care for creation. Taking action can help churches to connect with their local communities and join in partnership with other green organisations.

Join Eco Church in England and Wales - A Rocha UK’s online survey and free resources to help you and your church care for creation, to love our global neighbours and follow God faithfully. See how the survey works here.

Join Eco Congregation in Scotland - Gain recognition for your church's environmental work so far as well as support to take further action. Register to start your journey or for free resources here.

Discover 360᷾° Carbon - Track your Carbon footprint and celebrate your progress. This easy to use toolkit is designed especially for churches and is available here. 

Join livesimply - an award scheme for Catholic communities who already are or would like to show how they have been living simply, in solidarity with people in poverty and sustainably with creation. More information here.


Prepare to join with other churches and amplify the voice of the Church in the UK

Churches working together will be able to have more influence and impact. Below are some targeted actions you and your church can get involved with:

Sign up to Climate Sunday - Climate Sunday is the largest coalition of UK churches taking action together on the environment in this critical year. The coalition invites churches to do three things. To hold a Climate Sunday service, to commit as a church to long term action on the environment and join the common call to sign the Time is Now declaration to show support for the UK government to act boldly, justly and compassionately on the climate crisis. On Sunday 5th September 2021 there will be a national ‘Climate Sunday’ event in Glasgow. Visit the Climate Sunday website here.

Listen to Christianity and Climate Change - Explore the issues with a nine-part film series for small groups featuring Katharine Hayhoe, the internationally renowned Christian climate scientist. Find these here.

Join with A Rocha UK - Get news of all A Rocha UK family events on climate and nature during COP26 in Glasgow to be announced in our regular eNews. Sign up here.

Lastly and importantly we can pray - Remember each of us are personally and collectively at different stages of our ‘climate response’ journey, the encouragement and challenge here is that we can all raise our voice, deepen our commitment and pray for the best possible outcomes of COP26 as well as how we can contribute in the future.



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