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Giving Tuesday 2020

By Hannah Gibney | 1 December 2020

How wonderful to have a day in the calendar dedicated to giving.

Giving Tuesday was created as an antidote to both Black Friday and Cyber Monday over the Thanksgiving weekend. The founder, Henry Timms, who started the #givingtuesday campaign in 2012 in the USA, said the Thanksgiving weekend needed to be about something more.

“We have two days that are good for the economy, what about a day that is good for the soul? That was the driving principle behind Giving Tuesday”, he shared in an interview with The Independent.


What is Tithing?

By David Flowers | 27 November 2020

Tithing is usually thought of as giving a tenth of your income or profit to the church. Some question whether Christians today are still meant to give to the church and some question the amount. Here is what the bible says about tithing and what that means for us today.


Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

By Hannah Gibney | 25 November 2020

Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved holidays in the United States. Full of tradition and myth, many people now use the day to rest, take time to be with family and settle into the winter. It is also a celebration full of controversy as Americans grapple with the realities of history told through one lens.

The question now is, how is the heart and idea of giving thanks on this day honoured, whilst recognising that the legends surrounding Thanksgiving have been white-washed and simplified to negate some of the true horrors of time?


7 Different Ways to be Generous this Christmas

By Debbie Wright | 20 November 2020

The space in my diary has created time and energy to think differently about this year and how to share that good news of Jesus coming amongst us. Our front doors may be closed but we can think imaginatively about how to be generous, to bless our neighbours and to give in this extraordinary time.


A Comedian's Lockdown

By Paul Kerensa | 13 November 2020

Before lockdown, writer and stand-up comedian Paul Kerensa spent a lot more of his time sitting down than standing up. Zigzagging across the country via innumerable motorway service stations, he performed in venues UK-wide.


New feature added to the new-look Stewardship Giving Account: November 2020

By Rosanna Jeffery | 13 November 2020

We've added a brand-new feature to the new-look Stewardship Giving Account to help you better manage your account on the new platform.

Based on requests we have received, we have created an additional Gift Aid tab to enable you to easily access and download the amounts you have given to us, where we have claimed Gift Aid.


Support raising for a 'background' role?

By Jo Arkell | 6 November 2020 | Comments (4)

“When you work in accounts or IT, you can’t really raise support very well. People want to give to those on the frontline of mission and if you’re in a third world country, all the better.”

If you’ve been familiar with support raising for any length of time, you will have heard this sentiment before. Maybe this is you? If you work for a charity doing evangelism or prison work or youth work you find that everyone wants to give to the worker on the coal face, but because you work in HR it’s so much harder to find supporters.


A Rocha Update

By Jo Swinney | 5 November 2020

On 28 October 2019, there was a terrible road accident in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. A Rocha CEO Chris Naylor and his wife Suzanna were killed, along with Miranda Harris, one of A Rocha’s founders. Her husband Peter was critically injured and a year on continues the slow journey of recovery and grief. 


Tithing - What it Isn't

By David Flowers | 30 October 2020 | Comments (2)

"Ugh, you’re not going to tell us we should give our money to the church?” said the guest at our newcomers’ dinner as he tucked into his second helping of apple pie and ice cream. His features tussled between the sweet delight of dessert and the unsavoury thought of tithing.

Tithing is the Jewish/Christian tradition of giving back to God the ‘first fruits’ of our income or profit as a happy act of worship. It is usually calculated as 10% (tithe comes from an old English word for tenth) and is given to your local church. Sometimes we mistakenly think of tithing as something which it is not.


Church and Charity Leaders: Conversations in a Time of Crisis

By Debbie Wright | 22 October 2020

Our world is changing rapidly, with new rules for how we live, work, and socialise in a state of flux across the nation. Whilst many grasped the gravity of COVID-19 months ago, few anticipated the breadth of change we are now all living through.