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#givingtuesday: 5 Quick & Easy ideas for Churches

By Daniel Jones | 17 November 2017

Giving Tuesday: 5 Quick & Easy ideas for Churches

#givingtuesday gives churches a fantastic excuse to talk about generosity and practice what we preach in the lead up to Christmas.  Here are five quick and easy ideas to help you get started - we'd love to read your own ideas in the comments below!


#givingtuesday unpacked

By Daniel Jones | 16 November 2017 | Comments (1)

Gift tag on tinsel, with words

If you have American friends, like me, you’ll no doubt have been hearing about their Thanksgiving plans for weeks. Annual leave has been booked for the Thursday and Friday and many have arranged time for family to be together, to open homes to strangers and to give thanks for all that they have. And some, mainly those the US, will be hitting the Black Friday sales or jumping online at 00:01 Monday morning to catch the Cyber Monday sales too.


#unselfie: a modern response to selfless giving?

By Bethan Walker | 16 November 2017


Barack Obama does it. Pope Francis does it. Kim Kardashian definitely does it.


Independent Examinations are changing...

By Alan Hough | 13 November 2017

independant examinations are changing - a blog from Stewardship

Unless an audit is required, independent examinations are a way of life for most charities. Although less rigorous than an audit, independent examiners must carry out their examination in accordance with Directions and guidelines issued by the Charity Commission.  These Directions do not change often, but in September 2017 they were amended for the first time since 2009 and apply to independent examinations where the examiner’s report is signed and dated after 1 December 2017.


Risk management - just another business tool?

By Alan Hough | 13 November 2017

Risk management - a blog from Stewardship

Without the many examples of risk-taking written about in the Bible (e.g. David, Esther and Ananias to name but three) history may well have taken a somewhat different course. Quite often it appears as if a degree of risk-taking is necessary in order to break down barriers and advance God’s kingdom.  This means that for some modern day churches there is real concern that any form of risk management will inhibit risk-taking and will serve to constrain God working through the church.


Why should a church budget?

By Alan Hough | 13 November 2017

Why should a church budget - a blog from Stewardship

In our experience, churches which apply the principles of strategic planning and resource management are far more likely to meet their goals than those churches where projects, initiatives and activities are cobbled together quite literally on a wing and a prayer.


Share 37: Extra Resources

By Kevin Russell | 6 November 2017

We have put together a selection of resources to help you succeed in your Gift Aid endeavours, including HMRC’s model Gift Aid Declarations, and guidance on the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme; tax relief for higher earners; time limits for claiming Gift Aid; errors and pitfalls in handling donations, and more.


What are you saving for?

By Catherine Durant | 18 October 2017 | Comments (3)

Until fairly recently, I’d never deeply considered the concept of long-term saving. The idea of having money sitting in a bank not being used seems strange to me...


Time: our most precious commodity

By Debbie Wright | 16 October 2017 | Comments (2)

After about an hour I was ready to wind up the conversation and our time together and made a slight move to go – when I realized that my friend, who is going through a very bad patch, was in no way finished.  Two and half-hours later we eventually said our goodbyes.  When our first hour had passed I had an epiphany.