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Listen to the April Church Treasurer's Dial-In

By Alexandra Khan | 3 May 2016

Sharpen Church Treasurer's Dial-InMissed the April dial-in? No worries, you can catch up here.



Generous Hospitality: Adoption

By Charlie Osewalt | 18 April 2016

Generous Hospitality: Adoption

When I first moved to London about three and a half years ago from New York, I wasn’t too worried about making friends. I was fairly popular in New York; successful in work; had a wonderfully supportive family and church. I felt that the adjustments would take time, but with patience relationships would come.

I was very wrong.


Can You Be Rich and Be a Christian at the Same Time?

By David Flowers | 13 April 2016 | Comments (3)

Can you be rich and be a Christian at the same time? - a Stewardship blog by David Flowers

So this rich and popular guy comes up to Jesus and asks the standard question, “How can I be blessed?”...


Share 33: extra content

By Kevin Russell | 30 March 2016

Legal and Financial Roundup - Share 33 Extra Content

In this quarter's edition of Share Magazine, we referenced the following articles, blogs and briefing papers:



When is a gift not a gift?

By Kevin Russell | 30 March 2016 | Comments (2)

When is a gift not a gift?

In general terms a ‘gift’ is something freely given, with no expectation of anything in return. If something is received in return, either contractually or as a reciprocal benefit, the ‘gift’ is not actually a gift.


Stewardship chats to Stephen and Jo Richards about their Giving Account

By Debbie Wright | 30 March 2016

Stephen and Jo discuss the Stewardship Giving Account

Stewardship helps nearly over 25,000 people manage their charitable giving across the UK. Whether the recipients are charities, churches, Bible college students or missionaries, we process more than £57million in gifts to them every year. We caught up with Stephen and Jo to talk about their experience of the Giving Account.


Easter Sunday - first things first

By Charlie Osewalt | 27 March 2016

Stained glass - Jesus resurrected

Question: 10,000 Jews believed 5 weeks after Jesus’ crucifixion. People who were cowards, who ran away, were now proclaiming and dying for their belief in an individual bodily resurrection. What happened?


Holy Saturday - Rest

By Charlie Osewalt | 26 March 2016

Stained glass - Jesus taken down from the cross

The disciples are suffering from a deep grief. The Greek word ’lupe’ means 'grief, sorrow, pain of mind or spirit, affliction.' They cannot pray, think or wait. They sleep but do not rest.

But the women with Jesus rested.


After 40acts: what's next?

By Daniel Jones | 26 March 2016 | Comments (3)

After 40acts, what's next?

40acts may be coming to a close for another year, but don’t panic!  We’ve got plenty of other great stuff here at Stewardship to help you turn your Lent habits into a lifetime of abundant generosity. 

Here are a few things we’d recommend to help you get started...


Good Friday - Sour wine

By Charlie Osewalt | 25 March 2016

Stained Glass window - soldiers passing wine to Jesus on the cross

After being scourged and mocked; rejected and betrayed, Jesus is crucified. Hanging for about three hours, He was suffering severe dehydration and His broken flesh, His body was at its end. He asks for a drink by whispering out ‘I’m thirsty.’

And here is the final blow.