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trustee requirement to consider going concern

By Stephen Mathews | 12 December 2014

Going concern is a fundamental assumption underpinning financial reporting.  When applied to charities, it means in general terms that the trustees expect the charity to continue operating as normal for the foreseeable future, able to meet its obligations as they fall due, and that they have no plans to close the charity or to significantly curtail its operations.


Christmas Lunch on Jesus

By Charlie Osewalt | 12 December 2014

Christmas lunch on Jesus

His love, delivered

Christmas is a time for families, festivities and feasting. A time of indulgence and celebration.  But for more and more families in the UK this is not the case. 


challenge your church to be generous in 2015!

By Catherine Durant | 12 December 2014 | Comments (4)

40acts Together 2015 

40acts is back for 2015.  And in preparation we’ve put together some church resources available now in time to plan for the next term.