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a white Christmas for all

By Sarah Clayton | 24 November 2012 | Comments (2)

People do Christmas differently.  I, for one, love all of the trimmings, lights and buying thoughtful presents for people I love.  But each year I’m becoming more aware of other people’s Christmasses, and how else I can be a blessing to others.


anti-bullying week 2012

By Alexandra Khan | 19 November 2012 | Comments (1)

This week is national Anti-bullying Week, and the theme is ‘We’re better without bullying’. Even if you’ve never been bullied, it’d be hard to disagree with that statement. It seems almost obvious, doesn’t it? So why is it important to raise awareness and funds?


top five Children in Need moments

By Bethan Walker | 16 November 2012

It’s Children in Need tonight. To get us in the mood, we’ve collated the top five Children in Need moments to pleasantly grace our screens over the years.


how can I keep the church "vision driven" when the financial budget is tight?

By Stephen Mathews | 15 November 2012

Churches find that finances can often become a source of conflict, particularly between the spiritual leadership team and the legal trustees who may have differing priorities and concerns. This sense of conflict can become heightened when finances are stretched or where the leadership team prayerfully discerns that God is taking the church into a new area.


4 steps to building a culture of generosity

By Daniel Jones | 14 November 2012

Exactly how do you go about making a church more generous?  Is it possible to change the culture of giving in your church?  Yes!  With a committed, concerted effort from church leaders and their congregations, anything is possible.  The following links and resources form part of my seminar at Action Planning's Funding for Christian Charities and Churches conference, given at Methodist Central Hall on 14th November.


generosity to remember

By Alexandra Khan | 9 November 2012

It’s Remembrance Day on Sunday. Does that mean anything to you?


Operation: generosity

By Operation Christmas Child | 31 October 2012 | Comments (2)

I will never forget the first little boy I opened a shoebox with in Serbia.  The expression on his face when he looked inside was amazing, I cannot fully describe it - it made my eyes prick with tears because his whole face lit up so much and he had the biggest smile on his face. I can honestly say that I had never seen a child look so happy before.


the Peter in Peterborough

By Alexandra Khan | 17 October 2012

Alex talks Peri-Peri sauce, surprise encounters, and sticking her neck out for the Kingdom.


3 mission minutes with... Jane Smith

By Bethan Walker | 15 October 2012

Jane Smith (real named changed to protect identity) has been living and working as a missionary for 42 years. Although retired, she still works in the mission field with Messianic Jews in the South East of France. We catch up with over coffee while she’s making a quick visit back to the UK and quiz her about her life as a missionary.


World Mental Health Day

By Alexandra Khan | 10 October 2012

Mental health is still, unfortunately, a subject that comes loaded with stigma. But the reality is that even if you've never been affected by mental health issues yourself, you probably know several people who have.