Striking out for the Kingdom

By Ruth Leigh | 2 July 2010

Massive press coverage of a church and its activities isn’t always a particularly good thing. Too often the headlines seem to do more harm than good. However, Carmarthen based Towy Community Church’s (TCC) plan to build and run a bowling alley in a disused cheese factory has caught the imagination of the press and resulted in very positive media coverage. Ruth Leigh found out more.


BudgetBuilder - try our new tool!

By Fiona Mearns | 21 June 2010

Budgeting seems to be the word on everyone’s lips in the current economic climate, but if you’ve ever tried creating your own budget from scratch, you’ll know that it’s no mean feat.  Now there’s a on-line tool to help you build one step-by-step and personalise it to suit your own situation.


Haiti, the story beyond the story

By Craig Borlase | 8 June 2010 | Comments (1)

January 12th 2010. 4.53pm. Sixteen miles west of Port au Prince. Three million affected. One million left homeless. Over 200,000 dead. These are the facts of the tragedy that struck Haiti at the start of the year. Yet these familiar figures only tell one side of the story of the earthquake that brought even greater suffering on a country scarred by poverty.


What's your story?

By Share Magazine | 8 June 2010 | Comments (1)

We recently asked you to tell us what inspired you to consider planned giving. The response was overwhelming. Here’s a selection:


Remains of the Day

By Steve Pierce | 21 April 2010

Friday 23rd April is St George’s Day - shared with Lithuania, Boy Scouts, butchers, plague sufferers, chivalry and archers! It is also the 446th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare. His legacy: the finest literature in the English speaking world.

Shakespeare wrote, ‘No legacy is so rich as honesty’ , worth remembering as the election sparks into life courtesy of Nick Clegg. But as politicians praise their own legacy and deride that of other parties it is worth asking, what legacy do we want to leave? More


Gift Aid tax reclaims - alarm over new restriction

By Kevin Russell | 20 April 2010

Earlier this month, HM Revenue and Customs secured a change in the law that gives them power to restrict charities’ ability to make gift aid claims during the tax year, rather than waiting to the end of the year. This has cause some concern. Read more...


Happiness is...spending money on other people

By Anthony McKernan | 19 April 2010

I've just read this great little interview. Entitled ''How Google Drives Corporate Philanthropy', Michael Norton, a marketing professor at Harvard, reflects on the way that giving is good for individuals and companies.



By Anthony McKernan | 30 March 2010 | Comments (10)

Stewardship is pleased and proud to announce a transition of senior leadership.

David Jones, who has served the organisation as Chief Executive for the past 10 years through a crucial period of growth and development, will be handing on the leadership baton in July 2010 to Mike O’Neill, the present Director of Philanthropy.