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Spotlight on... Grace Sutton, Trustee at Connect Church

By Ruth Leigh | 17 June 2019

Our Training for Trustees days explore the interaction between finance and faith, unpacking what makes churches and charities healthy with regards to trusteeship. Delegates receive helpful pointers on issues such as Gift Aid, tax and employment.

Ruth Leigh caught up with one of our recent attendees Grace Sutton to find out a bit more about her and her experience of the day.


Trustees' Annual Report: a chance to tell your part of God's story

By Alan Hough | 11 December 2018

A recent review by the Charity Commission suggests that around half of all charities fail to demonstrate public benefit, in other words they fail to “tell their story well”.  Using your Trustees’ Annual Report (or TAR for short) to explain the work and purpose of your church has never been more important.


A Great Church Needs Great Trustees

By Alan Hough | 26 January 2016 | Comments (1)

A great church needs great trustees

A good church is made up of a number of ingredients, but a key one—often overlooked—is the need for good trustees.  Good trusteeship is much more than a legal requirement or title and more than a ‘rubber stamp’ for decisions taken elsewhere.


what's in a trustee?

By Stephen Mathews | 21 May 2012

The role of trustee requires someone who is mature, responsible, trustworthy and  has the spiritual interests of the church at heart. Often, church trustees tend not to be self-publicists and so could be very ‘low profile’. They are, however, a body of people with legal authority and so everybody should know who they are – look on your charity’s entry on the Register of charities at  for some of the answers!


risk assessment - it's why you became a trustee!

By Alan Hough | 19 March 2012

Well, perhaps not.  However, risk assessment is an oft-maligned, sometimes misunderstood creature seen to be wrapping churches up in time-consuming unnecessary red tape whilst the real work of ministry remains dormant.


faithful in the little things

By Ken Brew | 19 March 2012

If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones; Luke 16:10a (NLT).

This is really another article about Internal Controls written by a former auditor with experience as a Charity Commission investigator; I want to emphasise how important it is that those “little things” are done well.


Churches: The role of trustees and spiritual leaders

By Stephen Mathews | 4 January 2012 | Comments (6)

One of the frequent questions that we are asked at Stewardship is about trustees in churches, and how that role interacts with those of the spiritual leaders; ministers, pastors, elders etc. This issue can create confusion and even at times tensions between people. As a result it is an important issue for those involved in church leadership to understand.