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The undeserved car

By Rev Philip Sudell | 16 November 2015 | Comments (2)

The undeserved car - a blog by Stewardship

Rather than making the expected comment about the talk, the service, or something similar, the couple greeted me with these words, “it may not be quite what you were hoping for, but we do have a car that we have been wondering what to do with and we’d like to give it to you, Philip”.


The Receiving End

By Myles Wilson | 7 June 2013

This story starts a generation ago, in 1947. It was a year after my parents, Joe and Annie Wilson, had got married and they faced a challenging decision. Would they go to China as missionaries? They were a young working class couple, my dad an electrician, my mum a waitress in a transport cafe until they moved town after their marriage. A friend was going to China with China Inland Mission (now known as OMF) and they had the chance to go with her.