The new-look Stewardship Individual Account: New features added

By Bethan Walker | 30 September 2019

We've added two new features to new-look Stewardship Individual Account which simplifies the way you can view your transactions over on the new platform. Based on the feedback we received from early users of the new-look Stewardship Individual Account, you now view and search an extensive list of your transactions as well as accessing a new chart which provides an alternate way to explore your data.


Introducing the new-look Stewardship Individual Account

By Bethan Walker | 8 August 2019


Stewardship's recipient account for individuals has a brand new look! It's been completely redesigned to provide recipients with a much smarter way to view and manage their financial support online. Be one of the first to update to the new-look Stewardship Individual Account today.


Update your Stewardship account

By Bethan Walker | 22 July 2019


If you're on the old online version of the Stewardship Giving Account or Stewardship Individual Account, you won't be getting the most out of your account. By updating to the new-look Stewardship account you'll get:

  • Compatibility across all mobile devices.
  • Fast and easy sign in process, with social login option.
  • Review and manage your account in just a few taps.

Follow these simple steps to update your Stewardship account today.


The new-look Stewardship Giving Account: Getting the right information for your tax return

By Bethan Walker | 15 April 2019

Thanks to participants of our Early Adopter Programme who provided feedback about the new transactions feature since it was added to the new-look Stewardship Giving Account. 

With the tax year having come to an end, we've received comments from participants asking how to filter information in their transactions list for their tax return. We've put together this simple how-to-guide to ensure you access the information you need. 


New feature added to the new-look Stewardship Giving Account: Viewing transactions

By Bethan Walker | 7 March 2019

The ability to view a list of your transactions is here!

Thanks to feedback received from participants of our Early Adopter Programme, development of the new feature was fast-tracked to provide the ability to view transactions much earlier than planned. If you have access to the new-look account, sign in now to take a look.


Improvements and fixes to the new-look Stewardship Giving Account

By Bethan Walker | 21 January 2019

We have released a number of improvements and fixes to the new-look Stewardship Giving Account (NLGA). This patch contained a number of bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements.


Help shape the future of the Stewardship Giving Account

By Bethan Walker | 30 October 2018 | Comments (4)

From November 2018, Stewardship’s EAP community will take an important part in shaping the future of the Stewardship Giving Account. Our early adopters will be the first to trial the new-look Stewardship Giving Account and provide feedback about their experience.


Stewardship introduce pioneering Instant Gift Aid feature to mark Gift Aid Awareness Day

By Bethan Walker | 4 October 2018 | Comments (1)

We're pleased to announce today a ground-breaking new feature to add Gift Aid instantly to charity donations made using our giving accounts.


Introducing Stewart McCulloch, our new CEO

By Daniel Jones | 10 July 2018 | Comments (2)

Stewart McCulloch, CEO Stewardship

Stewardship today announced the appointment of its new CEO, Stewart McCulloch.

Stewart will take over the position on 1st August from current CEO Michael O’Neill, who is returning to his native America in August after nine years leading the organisation.