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Christmas Messes With My Money-Mind

By David Flowers | 20 December 2016 | Comments (3)

Christmas messes with my money mind - a blog by David Flowers for Stewardship

I stagger away from the shopping frenzy that is Leeds city centre in the run-up to Christmas. I’m burdened with own-label shopping bags indiscreetly disclosing my buying habits.  I stumble awkwardly over the outstretched hand of a beggar and realise that I have been sidestepping other anonymous outstretched hands at intervals all along the precinct.


The One Question to Ask of Your Finances This Year

By Graham Beynon | 14 January 2016

Monday 18th January is “Blue Monday”—the day when bills and a rapidly emptying bank balance force many to take a long hard look at their budget. It’s certainly wise to take time to make sure the books balance—but here’s an equally important question to regularly ask of our finances...


How our church experienced a 28% increase in giving

By Bethan Walker | 14 July 2015 | Comments (1)

Seasons of Giving is a resource that helped this church income increase by nearly 30%!

"When our church first began an eight-week course on money and generosity, some initial responses were gloomy and feelings were quite negative."


David Flowers: whose money is it anyway?

By Alexandra Khan | 4 July 2014 | Comments (3)



ministers in debt... tackling the taboo

By Bethan Walker | 6 January 2012

“As a chartered surveyor in Local Government, I enjoyed a good salary and loans with preferential rates. Then God called me into the ministry. Living by faith in Bible College was somewhat different!”. Restructuring debts and taking on a second job, whilst working for the church, seemed like the only option. “We ended up using credit cards to buy groceries, we felt we had no other choice; we chose more debt rather than allow our children to go without.”

This is how Julian’s story begins; one of a number of Church ministers who have found themselves reaching out to Christians Against Poverty’s debt counselling service in recent years. And Julian isn’t alone.