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6 Ways to Live On Less

By Heather Tomlinson | 14 September 2016

6 ways to live on less - by Heather Tomlinson for Stewardship

How can I spend less money, and still flourish in life? Now there’s a question that flies in the face of the cultural norms.

If I could earn less money, have more time and less stress, what difference would that make to my life and to the lives of those around me? It’s a path that can lead to having more time for the people we love and our wider community. Living on less is usually easier on the environment, too.


The Stuff of Life

By Fiona Mearns | 10 May 2016 | Comments (7)

The Stuff of Life - a blog by Stewardship

I’ve recently been clearing out my mum’s house and garage.  It’s OK, she’s comfortably installed in a lovely little flat with all her essentials round her.  What’s left is the accumulated stuff of a life – some useful ; some not so useful.  It’s not been an easy process because it’s challenged both of us on what we hold dear and why.  Four complete tea sets vie for their place in my cupboard; choosing which dearly loved ornaments to keep and which to give away; realising that there are only so many doilies one can use – all these things can start to make you see what’s important.