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How Does Gift Aid Work? 7 Key Questions Answered

By Alan Hough | 8 January 2021

 Gift Aid is big business and good news. In total Gift Aid is worth over £1 billion to charities each year providing a valuable income stream to charities large and small, including those supported by you!


Gift Aid: The Basics for Charities

By Alan Hough | 7 December 2020

Gift Aid is big business and good news. In total, Gift Aid is worth over £1 billion each year providing a valuable income stream to charities large and small.


Three Key Updates To Gift Aid - June 2019

By Kevin Russell | 17 June 2019 | Comments (3)

This month we bring you three key updates to Gift Aid, including an increase in the individual gift limit for the Gift Aid small donations scheme (GASDS), new HMRC preferences on names, and a reminder about church finances/taxes being a team sport. 


Why Your Donors Might Benefit From Gift Aid Carry Back

By Rachel Steeden | 17 June 2019

It’s not too late to make a charitable gift in tax year 2018–2019


The new tax year has begun, but it’s not too late for your members to make a tax-efficient gift for 2018–2019.


As you’ll know, your members can only claim Gift Aid on a donation if they’ve paid enough income or capital gains tax in that year to cover the basic rate tax your church will reclaim, as well as any higher or additional rate tax they will reclaim personally. 


Stewardship introduce pioneering Instant Gift Aid feature to mark Gift Aid Awareness Day

By Bethan Walker | 4 October 2018 | Comments (1)

We're pleased to announce today a ground-breaking new feature to add Gift Aid instantly to charity donations made using our giving accounts.


10 Things To Remember For Churches Claiming Gift Aid

By Alan Hough | 18 July 2018

Gift Aid is a long established scheme and generally well understood and used by churches.  Here is a list of 10 do’s and don’ts to help make sure you are operating the scheme well.


Budget simplifies Gift Aid Donor Benefit rules

By Stephen Mathews | 9 January 2018

Budget simplifies Gift Aid Donor Benefit rules

Donor benefit rules exist to limit the amount of benefit that a charity can give to a donor (or people connected to them) and still be able to claim Gift Aid on a donation. Generally benefits take the form of small gifts given by the charity in appreciation for the donation. As announced in the November 2017 budget, the rules around this are changing.


New help for charities from HMRC

By Kevin Russell | 20 June 2014

HMRC to provide new service for charities

HMRC Charities has recently set up a new dedicated Outreach Team to offer help and support to charities to enable them to get things right first time.


R68i Gift Aid claim forms - the end is nigh!

By Kevin Russell | 2 August 2013 | Comments (7)

The method for claiming Gift Aid has changed and despite lobbying by Stewardship and other charities, the transitional period for continuing to claim using the old R68i claims form is still expected to finish on 30th September 2013.


Gift Aid claims to move to online processing

By Kevin Russell | 11 December 2012

In a move described by some as the biggest change to Gift Aid since it was introduced, HMRC have announced that they will move the Gift Aid claim process to an online system with effect from April 2013. The existing claim Form R68i will be withdrawn.