FAQ: How much should I give? (What proportion of my income should I give?)

By David Flowers | 14 August 2018 | Comments (1)


Before we can answer that question we have to agree on one key biblical principle: God owns it all. King David acknowledges this after he and his people have given generously for the building of the temple, “But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this? Everything comes from you and we have given you only what comes from your hand.” 1 Chronicles 29:14.


A Bin Alley Redeemed

By Taryn Prescott | 13 August 2018 | Comments (2)

Apparently, my neighbour thought I was a vandal when she heard me rooting around in our gated bin alley. I don’t know if she was reassured that I was entirely sane when I popped out of a rubbish bin with a cheery smile to say ‘Hello! Just doing a little cleaning!’


A feast from a stone-cold potato

By Jane Clamp | 18 July 2018 | Comments (7)

I know someone who frequently says, ‘Oh, if only I could win the Lottery, then I would give it all away!’ For the record, I know for a fact that this person doesn’t even buy a ticket, so the generous sentiment will never be put to the test. But the thinking is common enough: With half a million, think of the good we could do! The projects we could fund! The mouths we could feed! We assume that, if we are to be generous, we need a full pot to be generous from. It makes sense, doesn’t it?


FAQ: What is biblical stewardship?

By David Flowers | 18 July 2018

Although “stewardship” sounds like a bible word, it isn’t. But it is a bible concept. The concept is twofold – there’s stewardship of what’s been given particularly to you and there’s stewardship of everything else. Stewardship is the way we look after things – not the way we own things. We are stewards, or trustees, or custodians – of something that belongs to someone else but which has been put into our charge. Stewards are not owners, they are guardians.


The Blue Planet Effect

By Craig Borlase | 20 June 2018

My wife is a good global citizen. She’s compassionate and well informed, makes sacrifices to her bank balance in the pursuit of justice, and is always in it for the long haul. In short, Emma’s exactly the kind of supporter that charities want.


Why I Only Buy Second-Hand Clothes

By Sarah-Jane Miller | 18 June 2018 | Comments (7)

I was sat in church about two years ago listening to a sermon about modern slavery. We were invited to think about each garment of clothing that we were wearing and ask the questions; where did it come from, who made it, what was life like for the overseas garment worker?


The angry man, the chocolate and why Jesus' way works

By Jo Swinney | 2 March 2018 | Comments (13)

A few years ago, I’d just collected Daughter Number Two from nursery and was about to put her in the car when a man stormed out of his house and began to shout at me. Here’s the thing: about an eighth of my front wheel was protruding across his driveway.


Uncertainty, instability and generosity?

By Barrie Thompson | 17 January 2018 | Comments (2)


I get paid a monthly salary.  Thank you, Stewardship!  I get paid every month, on a particular date of every month, and the funds go directly into my Bank account every month.  

It makes you wonder what it feels like when the processing of a salary payment depends on many other factors; when a salary payment isn’t a certainty, and most definitely not a regular occurrence.


#givingtuesday: 5 Quick & Easy ideas for Churches

By Daniel Jones | 17 November 2017

Giving Tuesday: 5 Quick & Easy ideas for Churches

#givingtuesday gives churches a fantastic excuse to talk about generosity and practice what we preach in the lead up to Christmas.  Here are five quick and easy ideas to help you get started - we'd love to read your own ideas in the comments below!