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New 2-day Personal Support Coaches' Workshop Announced

By Fiona Mearns | 12 November 2018


“When an organisation has effective personal support coaching in place their staff are much more successful in building and maintaining their support teams”, says Myles Wilson.  And he should know, having worked with a wide range of mission agencies and Christian organisations over three decades and seen the difference effective one-to-one coaching can make.


church events - the legal requirements

By Kevin Russell | 13 January 2012 | Comments (1)

Churches up and down the UK run many thousands of events every year. If you're an event organiser, did you realise that there are legal considerations to take into account? The Churches Legislation Advisory Service (CLAS) has just produced a very helpful free 9-page checklist,  covering various legal requirements and matters that need to considered when a church plans an event. It includes considerations such as Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Insurance, Food Safety, Alcohol Licenses, and more.