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Did you know...? We've got a special mortgage service.

By Kevin Russell | 6 August 2013

Did you know that Stewardship is very experienced in providing mortgage finance for church and Christian charity building projects? Because of our knowledge and experience of the Christian charity sector, we are often willing to lend where other financial institutions are less willing or will decline applications.


no strings attached

By Sarah Clayton | 24 May 2013

“And we still have £30k set aside, which was kindly left in Mabel Dawsey’s will, towards the parish’s work with lame animals…”

OK, this is a slightly ridiculous example, but it’s amazing how many churches and charities are sitting on funds which can’t be touched because they have to be used for the purpose specified by the giver.


does your church make overseas payments?

By Kevin Russell | 28 November 2012

If a church makes payments to an overseas entity, it is important that the church’s trustees take suitable steps to ensure that the payments being made are actually used for charitable purposes...


church events - the legal requirements

By Kevin Russell | 13 January 2012 | Comments (1)

Churches up and down the UK run many thousands of events every year. If you're an event organiser, did you realise that there are legal considerations to take into account? The Churches Legislation Advisory Service (CLAS) has just produced a very helpful free 9-page checklist,  covering various legal requirements and matters that need to considered when a church plans an event. It includes considerations such as Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Insurance, Food Safety, Alcohol Licenses, and more.


Churches: The role of trustees and spiritual leaders

By Stephen Mathews | 4 January 2012 | Comments (6)

One of the frequent questions that we are asked at Stewardship is about trustees in churches, and how that role interacts with those of the spiritual leaders; ministers, pastors, elders etc. This issue can create confusion and even at times tensions between people. As a result it is an important issue for those involved in church leadership to understand.


VAT for churches - an updated guide

By Kevin Russell | 9 November 2011 | Comments (1)

We've just released 'VAT for Churches - a detailed guide' - a must-read for any church leadership. Find out how to get your copy in this blog post.