10 Things To Remember For Churches Claiming Gift Aid

By Alan Hough | 18 July 2018

Gift Aid is a long established scheme and generally well understood and used by churches.  Here is a list of 10 do’s and don’ts to help make sure you are operating the scheme well.


A Great Church Needs Great Trustees

By Alan Hough | 26 January 2016 | Comments (1)

A great church needs great trustees

A good church is made up of a number of ingredients, but a key one—often overlooked—is the need for good trustees.  Good trusteeship is much more than a legal requirement or title and more than a ‘rubber stamp’ for decisions taken elsewhere.


The 40acts resources for small groups and churches are available now!

By Alexandra Khan | 24 November 2015 | Comments (6)

40acts Together 2016 resources are now available

40acts will be back in 2016, with brand new individual challenges and group resources. 

We're making two of the resources - for small groups and churches - available early to assist leaders in their planning. But because the new website is still under wraps, we're making the downloads available here for your convenience.


Stewardship launches free advice service for church treasurers!

By Bethan Walker | 21 May 2015


At Stewardship we’re on a mission to strengthen Christian causes and part of that is to support treasurers and trustees across the UK church in the responsibilities they have taken on. We've got tons of practical advice and wisdom to help you with all that you do and we want to make sure it’s getting to the right places.


share magazine issue 29: extra content

By Alexandra Khan | 12 January 2015

In issue 29 of Share magazine, Kevin and Steve refered to several blog posts and briefing papers. You'll find full links to each of these below.


church employees, expenses and HMRC

By Stephen Mathews | 29 August 2014

church employees, expenses and HMRC

"From time to time, our church employees incur expenditure in the course of their duties.  Do we really have to include this on the year end P11D?"


Missed the R68(i) deadline?

By Kevin Russell | 18 October 2013


Have you tried to submit an R68(i) Gift Aid form since 30 September 2013?  Have you had your claim rejected?  Are you wondering what to do next?


Did you know...? We've got a special mortgage service.

By Kevin Russell | 6 August 2013

Did you know that Stewardship is very experienced in providing mortgage finance for church and Christian charity building projects? Because of our knowledge and experience of the Christian charity sector, we are often willing to lend where other financial institutions are less willing or will decline applications.


no strings attached

By Sarah Clayton | 24 May 2013

“And we still have £30k set aside, which was kindly left in Mabel Dawsey’s will, towards the parish’s work with lame animals…”

OK, this is a slightly ridiculous example, but it’s amazing how many churches and charities are sitting on funds which can’t be touched because they have to be used for the purpose specified by the giver.