Staff Pay: What Should You Pay Your Ministry Team?

By Alan Hough | 17 June 2019 | Comments (1)

The greatest asset that your church has is your ministry team. These are the folk at the cutting edge of much of what goes on in, and through, your church as they lead the church forward. Whilst we readily acknowledge their importance, do we honour them in thinking well about remuneration levels and in communicating well about matters of pay?


Important Updates From The Charity Commission - June 2019

By Alan Hough | 17 June 2019

The Charity Commission have recently published two key updates, which churches and charities need to be aware of. Alan Hough unpacks the guidance. 


Churches and Lottery Funds - is it okay to take the money?

By Alan Hough | 15 October 2018

Church leaders have differing views on whether churches should consider using Lottery funding.  Even where leaders would see gambling as wrong, some would argue that once Lottery funds become available then churches should not shy away from applying for them; others would argue that such funds are always ‘off limits’.


Three Measures of a Healthy Church - Introducing the 'Triple A'

By Stephen Mathews | 27 February 2018

At Stewardship, we want to see thriving and healthy churches all across the UK. We recognise our role is often seen as financial, and we take pride in that. However, we believe good financial stewardship is not simply about ticking boxes to please the regulators (although it’s important we do that), it’s also about transforming the culture of money within the church.


Risk management - just another business tool?

By Alan Hough | 13 November 2017

Risk management - a blog from Stewardship

Without the many examples of risk-taking written about in the Bible (e.g. David, Esther and Ananias to name but three) history may well have taken a somewhat different course. Quite often it appears as if a degree of risk-taking is necessary in order to break down barriers and advance God’s kingdom.  This means that for some modern day churches there is real concern that any form of risk management will inhibit risk-taking and will serve to constrain God working through the church.


Why should a church budget?

By Alan Hough | 13 November 2017

Why should a church budget - a blog from Stewardship

In our experience, churches which apply the principles of strategic planning and resource management are far more likely to meet their goals than those churches where projects, initiatives and activities are cobbled together quite literally on a wing and a prayer.


What you can and can't do with your charity's money

By Alan Hough | 30 May 2017

What you can and can't do with your charity's money - a blog from Stewardship 

What is it that makes charities different from businesses? Well there are a number of things; first and foremost, the purpose of a charity must fall within one of the 13 charitable purposes set out in legislation.  Second, the governance structure is normally different with unpaid volunteer trustees taking overall responsibility for the charity.  Then somewhere way down the list of differences comes fund accounting, a concept unique to charities.


Church finance - it's better as a team sport!

By Alan Hough | 30 May 2017 | Comments (1)

Church finance - it's better as a team sport - a blog from Stewardship

All churches have a treasurer, that person that gets on with looking after the finances. For many churches the treasurer is the person who looks after the finance, counts the offering, administers the payroll, pays the invoices and the expense claims, draws up the budget, handles Gift Aid and produces the annual accounts.  When explained like this, it is easy to see why there is a shortage of willing church treasurers!!


3 Reasons We Might Hold Back from Giving to Church

By David Flowers | 18 July 2016 | Comments (1)

3 reasons we might hold back from giving to the church

An aged aunt lived with us for some years before she died. Latterly, she would often mistake teabags for currency and on tidying her room we found enough Yorkshire Tea stuffed under the mattress to keep a small café in business for weeks.


how to: avoid unwittingly giving occupiers of your premises legal rights

By Kevin Russell | 27 August 2014

how to avoid unwittingly giving occupiers of your premises legal rights

Law firm, Anthony Collins have issued a warning to churches who let their premises to other organisations and community groups, to take care not to unwittingly allow an occupants to gain a protected business tenancy. Just giving them an agreement that is said to be a ‘License’ to occupy is not sufficient. It is the reality of the situation that is important.