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Stopped by lockdown?

By Jo Arkell | 28 January 2021

Lockdown has stopped so many things: gathering with friends, seeing family, visiting those in hospital. It’s such a difficult time for all of us.

But there’s one thing that lockdown shouldn’t stop if you’re a Christian Worker, and that’s connecting with your existing supporters or finding new ones.


Christian workers: why is accountability so important?

By Fiona Mearns | 18 September 2017

Christian workers/Missionaries and accountability groups: the benefits - a blog by Stewardship


We’ve all come across the word but what does it mean in practice and why is it so important?


The Cost of Change: How Brexit Might Impact Christian Worker Finances

By Fiona Mearns | 7 September 2016

The cost of change - Brexit and Christian Worker Finances

As if we weren’t already aware of it, the last few weeks have underlined the fact that nothing on Earth is certain.  The ripple effects of the Brexit vote continue to play out but we have already seen a fairly dramatic effect on currency exchange rates.  Since 24 June, the value of Sterling has dropped against many currencies creating as much as a 15% reduction in the exchange value of donations from supporters for some Christian Workers based abroad.  The suddenness of the fall has created a problem for some who are finding their incomes being cut while bills and general living costs in their country of residence remain the same.


Holidays for missionaries: luxury or necessity?

By Fiona Mearns | 6 September 2016

Holidays: luxury or necessity? - A Stewardship blog

As I write this, the summer holiday season is coming to an end, and the resorts, camps and festivals are winding down for the winter.  For some, holidaying involves passports and foreign currency, for others it’s camping equipment and windbreaks.  Summertime, and particularly the school holidays, seems to exert a call to holiday as strong as the need for the swallows to migrate north in May. 


Christian Workers: 5 questions to ask yourself at the start of each year

By Joe Biggs | 16 February 2016

Christian Workers: 5 questions to ask at the start of a new year

At the end of the year we posed five ‘awkward’ questions to challenge you on your personal approach to your work.  Now that 2016 is well underway, we thought it might be good to shift the focus forward with five questions to help you look to the future.  


Christian Workers: 5 questions to ask yourself at the end of each year

By Fiona Mearns | 15 December 2015 | Comments (3)


There are some questions that only a very good friend will ask you – the kind of awkward, put-your-finger-right-on-the-sore-spot, kind of questions that no-one else will ask you.  We’ve come up with our top five ‘awkward’ questions to get you thinking about your personal approach to your work.  Call it an end of year review...


Setting the bar too low?

By Fiona Mearns | 20 October 2015 | Comments (1)

Are you setting the bar too low? - a Stewardship blog

There’s a little-known and yet vital part of setting up a recipient account with Stewardship.  It’s not a secret and yet sometimes it would appear that it might as well be. Time and again we’re surprised at how few Christian Workers are aware of it and how it can help them.


equipped to go: the top 5 things OSCAR thinks every missionary should know about

By Mike Frith | 4 April 2012 | Comments (1)

OSCAR is the premier online information portal for missionaries. We spoke to its founder - Mike Frith - about the top 5 resources every missionary should know about.


new support for Christian workers

By Alexandra Khan | 8 February 2012

In 2011, we set out to discover how we could support Christian workers more effectively. We conducted two surveys and asked a range of questions relating to personal finances, budgeting, income, savings and lifestyle. It came as no real surprise to learn that Christian workers are living on far less than average income, and are often receiving less financial support than they need.