10 Christian environmental organisations to support

By Catherine Durant | 17 May 2019 | Comments (1)

If you’re looking to support Christian charities who are focused on looking after our planet, we’ve compiled a list of organisations for you to look into.


Should I give to Oxfam?

By Craig Borlase | 21 March 2018 | Comments (11)

7,094. That’s the number of direct debits that Oxfam reported cancelled in the wake of the Haiti scandal. Minnie Driver and Archbishop Desmond Tutu both removed their support from the charity, and for days on end politicians and the media lined up to air their public criticism.


Too comfortable in our giving?

By Frances Miles | 21 April 2017 | Comments (5)

 Too comfortable in our giving? - A blog by Stewardship

Homeward bound on a Wednesday evening I headed out of my local train station aiming for the tram stop straight ahead.  In between me and the exit were a couple of ‘chuggers’- or ‘charity muggers’ - so called, because of the enthusiastic  way they try to engage in conversation and sign you up to a very worthy cause. Different to the costume-wearing volunteers who stand optimistically shaking a tin on street corners, these guys are seriously bold, salesy and persistent.


A Great Church Needs Great Trustees

By Alan Hough | 26 January 2016

A great church needs great trustees

A good church is made up of a number of ingredients, but a key one—often overlooked—is the need for good trustees.  Good trusteeship is much more than a legal requirement or title and more than a ‘rubber stamp’ for decisions taken elsewhere.


Share Magazine 32: Legal and Financial extras

By Kevin Russell | 16 December 2015

Share 32: legal and financial roundup

In Share 32, we referenced a number of briefing papers and blogs for further reading. You'll find links to them inside.


A Boxing Day Tradition to Cherish

By Michael O'Neill | 15 December 2015 | Comments (2)


Sometimes just you have to admit defeat. For me, many of those times seem to come around Christmas. The whole month is a blur of work, school, church, carol concerts, school concerts, work dos, decorating, cleaning and preparing for and hosting visiting family.  I learnt long ago that I was powerless to stop it.



10 charities to help you support the persecuted Church

By Catherine Durant | 6 February 2015 | Comments (15)

If you're looking into how you can support the persecuted Church worldwide, the charities listed below are a good place to start.


the pursuit of viral

By Craig Borlase | 15 October 2014

The pursuit of viral - a blog by Stewardship


how to: avoid unwittingly giving occupiers of your premises legal rights

By Kevin Russell | 27 August 2014

how to avoid unwittingly giving occupiers of your premises legal rights

Law firm, Anthony Collins have issued a warning to churches who let their premises to other organisations and community groups, to take care not to unwittingly allow an occupants to gain a protected business tenancy. Just giving them an agreement that is said to be a ‘License’ to occupy is not sufficient. It is the reality of the situation that is important.