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Give to support victims of UK terror attacks, with new British Red Cross fund

By Alexandra Khan | 6 June 2017

Donate to UK Solidarity Fund with Stewardship

The British Red Cross has launched a new UK Solidarity Fund to help the victims of terror anywhere in the UK following Saturday’s attack in London.

Stewardship are pleased to be able to provide a quick and simple way for people to donate to the fund. Click here to make a gift now. 



when the cameras stop rolling...

By Bethan Walker | 6 February 2012

This scene from Sindh, Pakistan reveals an unexpected after-effect of the huge floods which hit the area during 2010. As water levels rose, thousands of spiders took to the trees to escape. Because the flooding had such a devastating effect and has taken so long to drain away, many trees have become cocooned in the spider’s webs. Local inhabitants say that they have never witnessed such a phenomenon before.