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How Does Gift Aid Work? 7 Key Questions Answered

By Alan Hough | 8 January 2021

 Gift Aid is big business and good news. In total Gift Aid is worth over £1 billion to charities each year providing a valuable income stream to charities large and small, including those supported by you!


Charity Commission 5-minute guides for trustees

By Alan Hough | 9 December 2020

The Charity Commission has labelled their new 5-minute guides for trustees as a ‘core syllabus’ covering the basics that the regulator expects all trustees to be aware of. In a time when more professionalism is being expected of trustees, it is important that charity trustees can quickly grasp what is required of them and be signposted towards more detailed guidance if required. These guides are designed to do just that.


A call for ‘back to basics’ for trustees

By Alan Hough | 8 December 2020

At a recent conference, Aarti Thakor (Director of Legal Services at the Charity Commission) highlighted some of the more consistent themes that the Commission has seen from its recent caseload. Many are themes that we are aware of too and can perhaps best be listed under the broad heading of ‘back to basics’.


Gift Aid: The Basics for Charities

By Alan Hough | 7 December 2020

Gift Aid is big business and good news. In total, Gift Aid is worth over £1 billion each year providing a valuable income stream to charities large and small.


The importance of trustees

By Alan Hough | 18 September 2020

Being a church or Christian charity trustee is a very important and hopefully rewarding role within the organisation that you serve. Good, effective churches and charities need good, effective trustees as an essential part of a broad and diverse leadership team. Romans 12 draws that familiar picture of the church as the ‘body of Christ’, urging each person to take their place for the benefit of all. Trustees are a valuable and indispensable part of that body.



By Alan Hough | 8 June 2020

Reserves tend to come in two forms.


Increased risk of fraud and cyber crime

By Alan Hough | 6 June 2020

The Government has once again warned that fraudsters are exploiting the spread of COVID-19 in order to carry out fraud and cybercrime.


Available financial assistance (other than the furlough scheme)

By Alan Hough | 3 June 2020

The Government has launched several loan schemes designed to finance entities through the difficulties caused by COVID-19.


Managing your organisation’s finances - remembering that cash is king

By Alan Hough | 1 June 2020 | Comments (1)

Sharpen - cash is king

There is an old financial saying that “cash is king”. The reason being that if your church or organisation is going to run into financial difficulties, then a lack of cash (that is money held in readily accessible bank accounts) will almost certainly be the cause of it.


Organisational and Workplace Culture

By Alan Hough | 24 March 2020

In a departure from its normal practice, a recent Charity Commission’s enquiry into Save the Children focused solely on matters of employment and workplace culture.

At its heart was the way that the charity dealt with allegations of sexual and other forms of harassment made against two members of its senior management.