Spotlight on... Grace Sutton, Trustee at Connect Church

By Ruth Leigh | 17 June 2019

Our Training for Trustees days explore the interaction between finance and faith, unpacking what makes churches and charities healthy with regards to trusteeship. Delegates receive helpful pointers on issues such as Gift Aid, tax and employment.

Ruth Leigh caught up with one of our recent attendees Grace Sutton to find out a bit more about her and her experience of the day.


Three Key Updates To Gift Aid - June 2019

By Kevin Russell | 17 June 2019 | Comments (3)

This month we bring you three key updates to Gift Aid, including an increase in the individual gift limit for the Gift Aid small donations scheme (GASDS), new HMRC preferences on names, and a reminder about church finances/taxes being a team sport. 


Staff Pay: What Should You Pay Your Ministry Team?

By Alan Hough | 17 June 2019 | Comments (1)

The greatest asset that your church has is your ministry team. These are the folk at the cutting edge of much of what goes on in, and through, your church as they lead the church forward. Whilst we readily acknowledge their importance, do we honour them in thinking well about remuneration levels and in communicating well about matters of pay?


Why Your Donors Might Benefit From Gift Aid Carry Back

By Rachel Steeden | 17 June 2019

It’s not too late to make a charitable gift in tax year 2018–2019


The new tax year has begun, but it’s not too late for your members to make a tax-efficient gift for 2018–2019.


As you’ll know, your members can only claim Gift Aid on a donation if they’ve paid enough income or capital gains tax in that year to cover the basic rate tax your church will reclaim, as well as any higher or additional rate tax they will reclaim personally. 


Important Updates From The Charity Commission - June 2019

By Alan Hough | 17 June 2019

The Charity Commission have recently published two key updates, which churches and charities need to be aware of. Alan Hough unpacks the guidance. 


The 'Triple A Series' #6: Developing financial administration - some key ingredients

By Alan Hough | 19 March 2019


The issue


In our churches administration can be like housework – only thought about when it is not done.


To St Paul it was much more than that. It was:


  • a ‘gift’ alongside those of apostles and prophets (1 Corinthians 12);
  • an action which honours the Lord (2 Corinthians 8);
  • respect for authorities (Romans 13).


The 'Triple A Series' #5: Developing financial accountability - some key ingredients

By Alan Hough | 19 March 2019


The issue


St Paul considered financial accountability to be very important, as shown in 2 Corinthians chapter 8. Whilst still focused on mission he was very keen:


  • to avoid criticism about the handling of giving;
  • to be seen to do what is right in the eyes of man as well as God.


Stewardship Mortgages: making the 'impossible' possible

By Ruth Leigh | 18 March 2019

junction church


Kate Morris, Pastor of Junction Church in Inverness, is reminiscing. 'As I look back over the last seven years, I can’t quite believe that with God’s help, a congregation of 20 achieved the impossible. It’s mental!'


The impossible goal Kate’s talking about is the raising of £400,000 by the aforementioned 20 adults. Let’s go back to 2003 when she and her husband, Owen, moved to Inverness to launch the church.


Stewardship December Dial In - Slides

By Alexandra Khan | 12 December 2018

If you joined us for the December Quarterly Dial-In for Treasurers, you might like to download the slides from today's call, along with the additional resources. 


Trustees' Annual Report: a chance to tell your part of God's story

By Alan Hough | 11 December 2018

A recent review by the Charity Commission suggests that around half of all charities fail to demonstrate public benefit, in other words they fail to “tell their story well”.  Using your Trustees’ Annual Report (or TAR for short) to explain the work and purpose of your church has never been more important.