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no strings attached

By Sarah Clayton | 24 May 2013

“And we still have £30k set aside, which was kindly left in Mabel Dawsey’s will, towards the parish’s work with lame animals…”

OK, this is a slightly ridiculous example, but it’s amazing how many churches and charities are sitting on funds which can’t be touched because they have to be used for the purpose specified by the giver.


Is generosity in our DNA?

By Sarah Clayton | 19 April 2013

Having heard stories of even the most unlikely people being generous, I have a suspicion that we’re all capable of it. It makes sense - since we’re all made in the image of a generous God (whether we choose to recognise it or not) – that we would all be able to exhibit some of those characteristics. (Genesis 1:26-30)


a white Christmas for all

By Sarah Clayton | 24 November 2012 | Comments (2)

People do Christmas differently.  I, for one, love all of the trimmings, lights and buying thoughtful presents for people I love.  But each year I’m becoming more aware of other people’s Christmasses, and how else I can be a blessing to others.